Tuesday, 10 June 2014

6 Ways To Keep Your Office Carpet Clean

6 Methods to Keep the Office Carpet Clean

Carpets can provide an much welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in the office at Singapore. They are indeed an expensive investment that you make a huge impact in the office. There are certain mistakes that you do which can make the lifetime of carpet get reduced to a substantial manner. It is necessary to maintain the carpet in proper fashion so that it do not get spoiled fast. Cleaning the office carpet has same effort and pain as that of the house carpet. There are certain ways through which you can clean the office carpet.

Vacuuming the Carpet

If your office need to have the same aura of freshness and pleasant look, it is best for you to take care of the carpet in Singapore well. At least once in a month you should vacuum the carpet. All that you need to do is to flip it upside down and then get vacuumed. It is always a better thing to make use of a beater bar on wool rug’s back and it is better to use suction on front. Vacuuming the back potion of rug with rotating brush or beater bar can help in making the dirt pushed towards the top of rug. The rug can then be flipped for cleaning the dirt with vacuum cleaner. There is necessary to make use of rotating brush or beater bar vacuum on both back and front part of the carpet for cleaning it perfectly.

Shampoos and Sprays

There are carpet shampoos and sprays available in the market which are good to be used with synthetic carpets. You need to check the label before you are buying any carpet cleaners or shampoos. This can help in understanding whether that particular product is suitable to be used with your carpet or not. Once you apply these cleaning products, make sure that you rinse that well else it can attract more amount of dirt to it.

Using Solution for Stain Removal

There are many products available in the markets that are good for stain removal. You should try to get the best solution available in the markets of Singapore. You can even make a stain removal solution of your own to apply on the stains and remove them. While vinegar, dish shop and distilled water makes a good combination as stain removal solution. You can even make use of lighter fluids in the form of excellent stain removal solution on your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a perfect way to make your carpet comes to it’s previous form. You should allow the carpet to get dried for some time and so it is better to go for steam cleaning when the office is closed for some days. Steam cleaning is preferred once in a month for maintaining the carpet in perfect clean condition. The area and the carpet should be vacuumed before it is steam cleaned. This is really a time for carpet to recover from all the dirt and the stains that it has undergone.

Spot Cleaning of Stains and Spills

It is advised to get the spills and dirty spots removed at that instant when it occurs. Do not leave it to be cleaned later on as this can cause the stain to get sticked to carpet very badly. You can make use of a carpet shampoo, a foam cleaner or anything available in Singapore that can suit your carpet to remove the dirt completely from it. You can use a scrub brush or a rag for cleaning the stains that are so hard to remove. Make sure that the area that is spot cleaned is allowed to dry well before anyone walk over it.

Professional Cleaning

It is always to get the professionals to do the work as they know very well to deal with that. Professional cleaning Singapore can also help in increasing the longevity of the carpet. It is best to go for such professional cleanings after the damp seasons like winter and rainy season. This is the time when the carpet is made damaged by the moisture and dirt.

Carpet cleaning is important same like cleaning any part of the office. It can help in keeping your office clean and good. The same freshness and welcoming aura of the office comes back with this cleaning.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Is It Illegal For Maid To Clean The Employer Office?


Is It Illegal For Maid To Clean The Employer Office?

Most homes in Singapore have full-time maids to take care of all the household chores. Many other homes have also opted to have only part time maids for their homes because they want the privacy or there is simply not that much work around the home to warrant a full-time maid.

Maid Cleaning Employer's Office

However, when it comes to the issues of the duties a maid should carry out, many employers have become excessive and taken their maids to clean their offices while still paying them the same salary. This is illegal considering most maids in Singapore are only licensed to clean homes and perform other domestic duties. Some might argue that having the maid clean their employer's office is an extension of their duty to the family and that it is very legal, but if it comes with various disadvantages and it is in fact illegal.

Most employers only want to save the cleaning costs by having their maid clean their office; this is not only illegal but has its drawbacks which are as follows;

The Maid Is Not Specially Trained For Office Cleaning

Office cleaning services and home cleaning services are very different, although they might seem the same. The home is the maid's turf and they can carry out the cleaning effectively because they are familiar with most items and will be less likely to cause damage. However, the office is different; there are valuable items that might require specialized professional cleaning which the maid cannot carry out. The valuable items around the office might be vulnerable when being handled by the untrained maid.

Bad Cleaning

A bad cleaning job can pose a health risk to you and your employees. If your office involves handling of chemicals or other sensitive material that contains viruses and pose serious health risks, then the maid might not be in a position to thoroughly clean and disinfect your office. A professional will be better placed to handle such a case. As much as the employer wants to save on cleaning costs, they might be jeopardizing their health because the maid might not do a good cleaning job.

No Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Professional office cleaners have a diverse range of cleaning equipment for different cleaning needs. They therefore apply the appropriate cleaning options for every office they clean. They will be better placed to handle your office cleaning than your maid. Your maid will only clean with normal detergent, mob or sweep and wipe. This might not be enough and might even cause your office furniture, upholstery or carpets to get dirty and deteriorate more quickly. Professional cleaning companies will ensure that your office gets cleaned the right way and go to great lengths to ensure a long-lasting clean that will also make prevent your office items from getting damaged or from wear and tear.

Problems With The Ministry of Manpower

The Singapore ministry of manpower is very strict when it comes to the matters of domestic help. Any employer caught not abiding by the labor laws is bound to face severe punishment in the form of heavy fines. The maid will also have their work permit revoked. Therefore, employers who have their domestic maids to clean their offices will not only inconvenience the maid who will have their license revoked, but they will also face the heavy penalties for going against the labor laws.

The work permit or licenses of most maids in Singapore will state the kind of work they are supposed to do and if found doing different work, they will have their licenses or their permits revoked. If they are foreigners, they might even face deportation for breaking the law.

The Bad Office Image

Apart from having to maintain cleanliness, health concerns and abiding by the law, the company image is also at stake when an employer brings their maid to clean their office. If the clients see a maid cleaning the office instead of professional cleaners, it might not present a good professional image, something that can mar business relationships. As a businessman, image is everything everywhere in the world even in Singapore. A professionally done office cleaning job will ensure a conducive environment for workers and clients and enable them to perform their duties better.

In conclusion, let your maid stick to domestic home duties and simply hire a reliable cleaning service to clean your office.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Why Regular Curtain Cleaning Is Important For Your Health

Why Regular Curtain Cleaning Is Important For Your Health

Most if not all people know the importance of curtain cleaning. They are aware that it contributes to proper circulation of air. They also know that it improves the lighting in the room. Furthermore, people are aware that a clean curtain also improves the aesthetic appeal in the home as well as the office. Despite knowing all this, quite a number of people still do not give cleaning the curtains the importance it deserves. Some will clean it rarely; others will only do rough cleaning, while some may totally ignore it. Unknown to them, this may be the reason they are constantly having health issues. For instance, a dirty or poor cleaned curtain may contribute to the following:

Dirt and Dust
Usually, curtains trap a lot of dust, dirt, and other flying debris. This will make the curtain dirty over time. The extent of dirt accumulation will vary according to a number of factors. These include material used to make the curtain, geographical region, type of windows or doors, and also any construction around the area. The more prone a curtain is to dust and dirt, the more times it needs to be cleaned. In addition, it is also important to use an effective cleaning method. Failure to do so may lead to health issues such as sinuses, asthma attacks, allergic reaction, and much more.

Airborne Pathogens
Curtains are put in place for various reasons. They may be used to block any excess light, stop creatures from coming into the house, reduce the wind speed (draughts), enhance the ornamental beauty of the home, and also as part of a trend. While offering the above benefits, the curtains also attract harmful pathogens and germs. For instance, parasites such as fleas, dust mites, bedbugs, and many others will hide behind a curtain or on the rails holding it. Some creatures will be attracted to the dust such as dust mite, while others may be enticed by the lighting especially at night. If allowed to come into the house, the pests and pathogens may cause diseases such as fever, or flu.

Moisture Retention
Most curtains are made from material that easily absorbs moisture and water. This makes the curtain suitable for day to day use. However, during heavy downpour or a leaky roof, the moisture remains on the curtain for long. On the other hand, poor drying methods may also leave a substantial amount of moisture in the curtain. The moisture will in due course attract silver fish, or lead to the growth of mildew and mold. In case a human being comes into contact with the mold or mildew and accidentally consumes it, it may lead to diseases such as a running stomach, nausea, cholera, or typhoid.

It is a known fact that curtains will get dirty and dusty from time to time. The dirt will come from the environment. These may also include pollen, minute seeds, as well as leaves. Human beings also contribute to making the curtains dirty by handling it with dirty hands. This may leave stains, grease, oil, and much more. In addition, the pets kept in the home such as dogs, cats, and birds will also shed some fur or feathers. Sooner or later, the hairs, furs, or pollen get attached to the curtains. This may cause an allergic reaction to a person who has an allergy towards a particular substance. Asthma attacks, skin sensitivity, and sinuses are among the common allergenic reactions.

Bad Odor
Poor cleaning methods or lack of cleaning a curtain may make the curtain emit some unpleasant odors. This may be attributed to smoke, animal smells, pollution, and much more. The constant smell of the pungent air will have psychological effects on the inhabitants. This may lead to a person becoming irritable or uneasy as the smell gets to him. Though it may seem like a small issue, it has caused a number of people sleepless nights. Some people also get agitated by the sight of a stained or dirty curtain. Therefore, to save yourself the psychological disturbance, you may need considering calling in an expert to properly clean and dry the curtains. 

Poor Air Circulation
Some curtains are designed to allow air to circulate in and out of the room easily. Such curtains are always designed to remain in place hence are rarely drawn. However, as the dirt and other particles block the openings, the aeration becomes limited. This may make the room quite stuffy since it lacks fresh air. A person may start having cases of headaches or migraines since insufficient oxygen is getting into the body. Regular and thorough cleaning of the curtains will always make certain that the air moves in and out of the room conveniently. Possibly, you may have been having the migraines simply because of the stuffiness in the room. This may be caused by a dirty curtain.

Poor Ambiance
We all look forward to relaxing in a comfortable ambience. A setting where we can smell the fresh air, clearly view the outdoors, and just simply sit back and enjoy the ambiance. Unfortunately, this desire may be limited by a poorly kept curtain. The curtain may restrict the lighting forcing a person to turn on the artificial lighting even during the day. The poor circulation may also drive a person to turn on the noisy fans or air-conditioner. At the end of it, the constant noise and high power bills may affect a person’s moods and emotions. This may harm the interaction and bonding between a person and his family members.

From the above, it is quite clear that cleaning the curtain should be given priority. Probably you have been falling sick or catching the flu or sinuses due to the dirty curtain. In order to ensure you get it done right first time, you many need to consider engaging a professional firm to clean all your curtains. The cleaners are well experienced in this vocation hence will guarantee you of a thorough job. Not only will professional curtain cleaning save you time, and effort, but will also make sure you are of sound health.