Monday, 14 December 2015

9 Tips Of Finding Reliable Big Wash Spring Cleaning Company

Reliable big wash services are very important to all property owners who want to make their property clean and admirable. It is a very involving task that can only be done properly by hiring the best spring cleaning company. There are several cleaning companies that offer these services, and the real problem is getting the most reputable of all of them. Here are a few tips that can get your search for these companies off the ground. 

Where to get reliable big wash spring cleaning company

· Online search engines. You can always get whatever you want online. There are several profiles of big wash cleaning companies, and you just need to type “big wash spring cleaning companies” on the search bar of and there you go. The advantage of looking for these companies online is the fact that you can compare prices and the services provided before you make your decision. If you manage to get the links to their websites, you are also able to make enquires directly so that you can have all the information you need before you make your final decision. The websites also have several other bits of information that are very valuable to you in looking for which company is the best.

· Online classifieds and press release websites. There are various online classifieds that are dedicated to serving the needs of those looking for spring cleaning companies, and it should be easy to get the company of your choice from these classified websites. Getting listed is free in some of these websites, while other are paid, and this means that every business can be listed in at least one classified site or two, such that it will be visible to those looking for it. On the other hand, press release websites disseminate information about services and products of various companies. Spring cleaning companies submit their press releases to these websites in order to attract clients.

· Business directories. Most of the big wash spring cleaning companies in Singapore are also listed on major business directories in Singapore, both online and offline. For instance, yellow pages Singapore version has contact information as well as physical addresses of most of the reputable spring cleaning companies in Singapore. There are also other online business directories that have listings of major cleaning companies, and all these are reliable sources of information on getting a reputable the big wash spring cleaning company.

· Newspapers and magazines. Newspaper and magazine readership in Singapore is quite high and it continues to increase. On the classifieds section of major newspapers like Business Times and Berita Harian, you cannot miss listings of big wash spring cleaning companies. There is a large number of business magazines in Malay, English and Chinese that are produced in Singapore and most of them have the information you need to pick the best big wash spring cleaning company.

· Professional bodies. There are several professional bodies of spring cleaning companies in Singapore that set the standards and codes of professional conduct in the field. These bodies are great sources of reliable big wash spring cleaning companies and you cannot miss one that suits your needs. Regulations require all the licensed and insured companies in this field to register themselves and abide by the rules and regulations of the professional body. This tells you that the companies registered with these bodies are very reliable in their service delivery. You can therefore contract any of them, as long as the other conditions you consider important are satisfied.

· Trade shows and exhibitions. If you are looking for a reliable big wash spring cleaning company, you can’t miss one in spring cleaning shows, trade fairs and exhibitions. During these activities, cleaning companies come together to showcase their products to their present and future clients. This is normally an open forum where these companies accept questions and comments on their services. If you participate in these activities, you have a chance to get answers for all the questions you have concerning cleaning.

· Government agencies. There are also various government agencies that can provide you with the information you needs to get the best spring cleaning company in Singapore. The real estate sector is one of the most elaborate sectors in Singapore and there is a large number of government agencies that are involved in various home improvement agencies. These agencies are in direct contact with all the stakeholders in the real estate industry, including spring washing companies.

· Construction and home improvement contractors. The construction industry is a connected industry with a huge network of connections. For instance, there are construction contractors who are linked to other home renovation and improvement contractors, such that when the construction contractor is done with the construction, the home improvement contractor starts operations. This contractor will also hire another subcontractor, depending on the services needed. This is probably where a big wash spring company will be contracted. All these contractors therefore know which company does what better than the other, and they are of great help.

· Referrals from friends. You may waste a lot of time looking for a reliable big wash spring cleaning company when your friends and relatives have already interacted with some and got to know the best ones in this field. You can trust your friends and relatives to give you information you can trust, and that is why you can hardly go wrong if you pick their choices. Furthermore, you can enquire about the estimated charges and other aspects of the specific cleaning service required so that you can plan in advance.

In summary, the most important step in getting big wash spring cleaning service is choosing the best company. Once you get a reliable big wash spring cleaning company, everything else flows smoothly and easily. However, when you chose the wrong company, you will have a lot of issues to deal with, and this will be very frustrating. It is important to get it right from the outset so that the rest of the process is easy. With the aforementioned tips, you will be on the right track. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

All You Need To Know About Toilet Urine Smell And How To Remove It

Urine can be notoriously embarrassing- ask the boys and girls in elementary school and they will tell you about it. Ammonia-based bleaching agents have a distant smell of urine but this cannot be compared to what many people have to grapple with everyday. Are you one of those people who have been trying to get rid of urine smell from your toilet for ages now to no avail? Well, there is a lot you need to learn about human urine and plumbing systems so that you can be able to get rid of that foul smell coming from your clean toilet.

Facts About Human Urine 

It is proven fact that men’s urine is bound to smell more powerfully than that of women. You need something to testify to that? Make a quick drop by a truck-stop’s men’s toilet and you will not want to spend more than a couple of minutes there. Those toilets stink to high heaven. In some of them it is not that they toilets are not washed but rather the contents of the urine that is being deposited there by the men. Boys and men have very powerfully smelling urine. However, at times even women do.

The concentration of ammonia in urine will either cause it to stink or not. If there is a lot of ammonia in the urine then obviously there is going to be lots of stink all over the place. However, people who drink lots of water do not have to worry about such smells because the water content will be more than the ammonia.

What you eat can increase the amount of ammonia in your urine. Spicy foods and certain vegetables such as asparagus are notorious for making urine stink. Well, this does not mean you should not eat them. All you need to do is drink lots of water and the stink will be diluted.

Getting Rid Of The Smell In Your Toilet

Admittedly it can be very hard to get rid of the stench of urine in your toilet depending on what is causing it. If the issue is urine that has soaked on the carpets or the floor of the toilet then this should not be hard to remove. However, if plumbing is the problem then you should make sure that you get in touch with a plumber to come and sort out the matter for you. Meanwhile here are some methods that you can employ to keep the urine smell in your toilet under control:

1. Brush and flush frequently

Brushing the toilets, including under the rim, at least twice a week might help to solve the problem. Some people just do not have time to clean their toilets that frequently. Make sure that the toilet bowl is always with clean water after every use. This will prevent the urine from staining the toilet or the smell from sticking to the walls of the toilet.

2. Change the toilet fabrics frequently

Carpets and shower curtains plus other items can soak up the urine. The result is that there will always be that smell of urine all over the toilet. Changing all the fabrics in your toilet is likely to get rid of the smell especially if you have kids who are constantly missing the bowl.

3. Use toilet spray and cover the toilet

Sometimes the fumes from the drainage pipes flow back into the house. To keep them under control there are air fresheners specially meant for the toilet. Spray your toilet and then cover with the lid. The scent from the freshener will dissolve into the water in the bowl and neutralize the smells from the piping. This is a very common problem especially when it is hot. The gases are heated and they have to find the shortest route to pass through.

4. Clean with lemon juice and baking soda

Obviously you will prefer the smell of lemon to the awful urine smell that is in your toilet. Therefore you can clean your toilet with a lemon juice and baking soda. This is a two-in-one remedy for the smell and the stains. It is a proven fact that baking soda is a powerful bleaching agent. Therefore what you can do is make a paste using baking soda and lemon juice and spread it along all the joint of the toilet.

Spread the paste under the rim of the toilet and also at the bottom of the toilet where it meets the floor. Allow the paste to sit for about 15 minutes and the drizzle white vinegar on it and let it fizzle. Once the fizzling is over you can then proceed to clean the toilet with a dump cloth (at the bottom of the toilet). For the paste under the rim simply brush after fizzling with vinegar. The yellow, brown and black stains on your toilet will be gone and so will the smell.

5. Encourage children to drink water

When you encourage your kids to drink more water you will have less of a problem with the smells in your toilet. Practically all users of the toilet should be encouraged to drink water. Dilute urine does not smell too much.

Things you should not do

There are several wrong things that people tend to do when the smell becomes a nuisance to them. One of these things is mixing up chemicals. No one wants to die in a toilet and a smelling one at that. Mixing up cleaning agents is a recipe for getting yourself killed. Some of the toilet-cleaning agents are incredibly powerful and they can react with other agents that you mix with it. The fumes produced can choke you to death. The worst part of it all is that the fumes can stay in the toilet for a very long time.

Secondly, you should avoid flushing the toilet too much. In most cases this is more of a waste of water than a urine smell eradication option. As you might have noticed, sometimes the problem is not inside the toilet bowl but outside. Make sure you know what is causing the problem before you spend a fortune on water bills.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

8 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Post Renovation Cleaning Company

After renovation, there are bound to be a lot of dust and dirt in your house some of which you may not be able to notice. If you don’t do post renovation cleaning, then dust and dirt will accumulate in your entire house. Posts renovation cleaning is very important because it helps to clear out the mess that has left behind after the renovation process. There are many types of dirt that are usually left out after a renovation process some of which are dangerous and others that requires an advance approach in order to get rid of.

It is therefore important to hire a professional post renovation cleaning company to help get rid of all dirt and dust that has been left behind as a result of the renovation process. So are you a Singapore resident and you have just renovated your house or are you planning to renovate your house but you are wondering if is actually a must for you to hire the services of a professional post renovation cleaning service? If yes then you are in the right place because in this article. We are going to give you some of the benefit of hiring a post renovation cleaning service.

1. They are professionals.
One of the main reasons why you need to hire the services of a professional post renovation cleaning service is because they are professional with the right type of staffs who know what they are required to do. Contrary to what many people think, post renovation cleaning is not easy it looks like. You need to come up with plan that will ensure that you don’t forget cleaning other parts of the house. Professionals companies that offer post renovation service have professionals with the right types of skills who know how to get rid of dirt that seem impossible to get rid of. They normally take advantage of their professionalism to give their customer quality services.

2. They are experienced
Experience is always the best teacher. Most Post renovation cleaning services have been in this industry for long period of time and they know what to do so as to give their clients the best cleaning services. You will never regret when if hire their services because they will give you quality services that you have never seen before within the shortest time possible. This is because these companies have been in this business for long period of time and they have the experience that helps them to give the client exactly what he wants.

3. They offer quality services
The main aim of professional post renovation cleaning services is to give quality services to their clients. They value their client so much and that is why they are always dedicated to give them quality services that will make them happy. Before post cleaning companies came into existence, many people had a rough time trying to get their home in order after a renovation process. The cleaning process also took many days to complete. These companies were establish because many people were struggling bring their house back in order after a renovation process. Their main aim was not to cash in and make profit from the business but to help people have an easy time in bring their home back to order. That is why they usually offer quality services to their clients.

4. They help save your time
If you decide to clean your home by yourself after renovation you will realize that you will spend even weeks try to get rid of all the dust and dirt that have accumulated. What is seven worse is the fact that you may end up creating more problem instead of solving simply because you lack the knowledge and the tools to help them do the work. However, if you decide to hire a professional post renovation cleaning company, you will greatly save your valuable time and use it to do other constructive things. Professionals companies have the right machinery and personnel, a factor that enables them to do the task at hand within a very short period of time. You will also prevent injuries and other dangers that are usually associated with post renovation cleaning.

5. They are licensed and insured
One of the main reasons why you need to hire the services of post renovation cleaning company is because they are usually insured and licensed. Being licensed means that they are actually recognized by the state and they are operating legally. Being insured means that the company will compensate you in case they mess around with something valuable. Accidents are bound to happen when cleaning. If you want to be on the safe side, it is crucial that you hire the service of a professional post cleaning services that is licensed and insured because that way, you will be sure that in case anything goes wrong, you will be compensated for damages caused.

6. They offer free advice and follow-ups
Professionals post renovation cleaning companies not only give quality service to their client, they also give their clients professional advice on how they can maintain their homes after a cleaning process. In addition they also do follow ups just to know how their client is progressing. During their visit they will be doing some renovation as they as give you advice on what you need to do to ensure that your home stays clean.

7. They use the right technology.
For all those years that professional post renovation cleaning companies have been in operation, they have invested heavily on technology meaning that they use the latest technology to do post cleaning renovation. The technology that they are using is more efficient, fast and it give client quality results.

8. They have the right tools.
You can only do post cleaning renovation if you have the right working tools. Professional post renovation companies have invested heavily of machinery that enables them to provide quality services to their clients within a very short period of time. Post renovation cleaning also involves a lot of risk and proper safety measure must be adhered to when cleaning. Post renovation cleaning companies not only have staffs who are well trained, but their also have safety gears that enables their staffs to do the task at hand safety and efficiently.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Is Carpet Shampooing a Good Cleaning Option?

Carpet shampooing is a good cleaning option for carpets. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely necessary for the longevity and hygiene of your carpet. It can be daunting to clean your carpet, particularly when you live with children or pets. Carpet fibers absorb moisture and soil easily. These may never come out once they are ground into the fibers deeply. Even when a regular vacuum cleaning helps in mitigating the issue, it is sometimes necessary to call a professional who can give your carpet a good shampoo. Carpet cleaning for the removal of allergens, sand, grit, dirt, stains and for general beautification can be done using different methods, both modern and traditional. Manufacturers acknowledge that clean carpets are more pleasing visually, healthier than carpets that are poorly maintained and are potentially longer lasting.


Methods of Carpet Cleaning
Methods of cleaning the carpet in every home will depend on how much traffic the rug or carpet is able to endure. This includes whether any of the residents have allergies and whether or not there are pets or children that live in the home. For carpets to last long, it is also important to select a method of cleaning that is right for the material that the carpet is made with. For this reason, it is better to choose professionals to deep clean a carpet rather than try to shampoo this yourself. Generally, there are different method of carpet cleaning including steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, foam cleaning, dry cleaning and carpet shampooing.
Clean Carpets are Safer
For homes, carpets are a highly popular flooring option because these are soft, warm and make everyone feel at home. Clean carpets are also safer when it comes to health. This safe, welcoming feeling is reinforced when carpets are clean. It is not enough to vacuum a carpet to keep them clean, especially if a lot of activities go on in a home throughout the day. Everyday activities in a home demand a lot from rugs and professional rug cleaning is the best method to keep these in top condition. When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are a lot of benefits other than the fact that it contributes to a general well being that a family feels when they walk barefoot on carpets that are fresh and clean.
Carpet Shampooing
One of the most effective methods of cleaning a carpet is carpet shampooing. This is when special detergents are applied to the rug or carpet and put into a machine to get agitated. Then, a vacuum extracts the shampoo from the carpet. The detergents used contain deodorizers and brighteners which leave the rug smelling good and looking nice. A rotary shampoo method uses a carpet shampoo applied to the rug in order to wash off the grime. The shampoo is then whipped into a foamy solution and with a specialized machine that has rotating brushes, the foam gets worked into the carpet fibers. A vacuum then extracts the foam after a period of time.
Rotary machines are used for carpet shampooing, and a wet vacuum follows this. At one point, wet shampoos for carpets were created from soaps that had coconut oil. Some cleaners combine shampooing with extraction. A spin brush and shampoo first loosens the dirt and the pile before the carpet becomes extracted. At times, a double rinse is done. More modern shampoos use a powder detergent which attracts loose dirt that comes off once the carpet is vacuumed the day after the shampooing is done.
The benefits of carpet shampooing includes the high agitation involved which gets more dirt and grime released from the rug compared to other types of cleaning methods. There are also a lot of different chemicals available in this method that can be used to target specific types of germs, stains and carpet fibers. Also, cleaning agents stay longer on the carpet fibers compared to other types of cleaning methods, ensuring a hygienic result and a perfectly cleaned carpet.


Removing Stains
Only time and patience can remove tough carpet stains. No matter what carpet type you have, immediately treating the stains will yield the best results. Whether you have a synthetic or natural carpet, a professional carpet cleaner that knows exactly how to deal with the types of stains your carpet may have will yield maximum results. Since there is no such thing as worry-free carpets, products that help your rug resist stains do come in handy and contribute to the longevity of your carpet.
Less Allergens
When a carpet is shampooed professionally, one primary benefit is that the level of allergens in your home becomes reduced. Carpets attract dust and pollen from air that passes through windows as well as from shoes people use to walk into the home. Since these particles become trapped within its fibers, carpets act almost like a filter. When pets or kids lie down on the carpet or rug, they get in contact with these allergens. A vacuum cleaner is not enough to clean a rug since what it does is that it brings the dust close to the surface of the carpet without really removing them which causes irritations and allergens to be appear. Thoroughly cleaning a carpet will remove these allergens leaving your home healthy and clean as well as much safer for the children to play in.
Protect Carpet Fibers from Depreciation
Believe it or not, the same dust particles that cause allergies in your family members are also responsible for causing your carpet fibers to depreciate. Carpet fibers tend to get worn down when microscopic materials, stains and dust get wedged within the carpet. As time goes on, the dirt trapped in your carpet will cause apparent wear aside from a roughness that you will be able to feel with bare feet. The same adverse effects come from highly visible carpet stains which you will need to remove with a professional carpet cleaning service. The lifespan of your carpet will become extended when your carpets get professional shampooing which completely removes dirt and stains, saving you from having to prematurely replace it and keeping it looking new for a longer time period.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

7 Useful Housekeeping Tips For HDB

If you are among the many Singaporeans living in a HDB, proper cleaning is of essence.
Here are 7 Useful Housekeeping Tips for HDB:


1. Plan for your cleaning
- Make a list of all the things that need cleaning
- Assemble and arrange the equipment and detergents you will need for your cleaning
- Some useful things you will need to prepare include: paper towels, sponges, garbage bags, vacuum, cleaning sprays, glass cleaners, duster, and swiffers
- You can purchase them from retailers around your HDB
- A useful cleaning agent you cannot leave out is white vinegar
- It is used to lift tough stains, to clean the refrigerator, and freshen the windows

2. Get rid of waste material
- Anything that you are not using now or may not use in future just clutters your house and you should get rid of it
- You can sell it or donate it to people who actually need it

3. Clean in a specific order
- In every room, use a wet material and broom to remove cob webs and dust that has accumulated
- Collect the grime that has collected in the corners of the windows and clean it outside
- Clean the interior of windows and then clean outside
- Take down and rinse off displays and then replace them
- Remove blinds and clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions
- Instead of spending a lot of time removing curtains from their rods, vacuuming them is a great idea
- Vacuum and clean window sills
- Don’t wash your windows on a sunny day
- This is because glass cleaner will dry up very quickly in direct sunlight
- This results in streaks on the window panes
- Clean them during late evening hours when temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit
- For quick drying, swap the microfiber for a squeegee, as the latter covers a larger surface area with every swipe
- Remember to dust the light bulbs
- We often forget to clean light bulbs and they end up being extremely dusty
- Dusty bulbs are dimmer thus less energy efficient
- Clean bulbs using a soft cloth when turned off and feel cool to the touch
Start by cleaning the bathroom, then the bedroom, kitchen, and clean the living room last

Wipe items in the bathroom properly
- Clean the shower
- Clean the walls
- Go for cleaning equipment meant specifically for the bathroom
In your bedroom, clean your bed cover, pillows, blanket, mattress, bed sheets, and other bedding
- Your bed cover should be washed at least once a week
- Cleaning your bedroom regularly will improve your sleeping quality to a large extent
In the kitchen, clean all the dishes
- Use the best cleaning supplies to clean them effectively and quickly
- When cleaning dishes, ensure that the utensils do not face in the same direction
- For instance, if all the spoons face the same direction in the dishwasher, they will spoon, preventing a complete clean
- Place some facing up and others facing down for a thorough and even wash
- The same applies to knives
Clean your sink
- This inspires you to keep the dishes clean
- Fill the sink with water to the brim
- Pour a cup of bleach to disinfect
- Scrub the interior of the sink using baking soda to remove stubborn stains
- Rinse and end with a wipe or even a shining spray
Clean the freezer and refrigerator
- Throw out items that have been in the freezer for too long
- Clean the shelves and drawers
- Baking soda helps keep the odors out of your icebox
- If your shelves are removable, wash them in the sink or dishwasher
- Scrub the inside of the refrigerator using wet cloth
- Use moist fabric to wipe everything clean

Clean your clothes

- You can wash them by yourself or take them to a laundry company
- Some companies may have a pickup and delivery system
- If cleaning the clothes yourself, turn pocketed pants and shorts inside out
- This prevents washing of unwanted objects, for instance, tissues, pens, and receipts
- If you are not able to properly pick white paper off dark clothes, using a lint roller will come in handy
- Never wring out sweaters or woolen clothes after washing
- Place them on a flat towel and roll up the towel
- The towel absorbs extra water
- You can now lay them flat to dry
- To make your towels, clothes and linen have a great scent; take dried lavender and putting it into paper teabags
- Iron it when closed
- Place it in a muslin bag
- Toss it into the dryer
Clean the sofa
- If you do not clean the sofas, dirt, dust and microorganisms will accumulate
- Clean them at least once a month
Vacuum floors
- Have a vacuum cleaner to help you vacuum floors

4. Use good cleaning agents and methods
- Good quality agents give great results.
- You can search for the best cleaning agents on the internet
One effective cleaning method is spraying cleaner onto your microfiber cloth, rather than directly onto a surface
- Direct spraying should only be done if the surface is extremely dirty that it needs extra solution
- If the surface is not too dirty, it will leave residue behind
- Spraying onto fiber cloth will also allow your cleaner solution to last longer
Cleaning bare handed dries out your hands
- The skin is very absorbent and will soak up almost any substance that touches its surface
- Gloves with a lined cotton interior are ideal for cleaning
- They offer a protective barrier and are comfortable

Don’t scrub stains on carpets, for instance, red wine, coffee, and pet urine is not effective in the long term, as they will re-surface
- Instead, as soon as there is a spill, use a dry towel to soak as much liquid as possible
- Douse the spot with club soda or ice water
- Blot again using a dry towel
- Step on the towel to absorb the liquid
- If the stain doesn’t go away, use a stain remover

5. Get Creative
There are household items that can make cleaning effective, for instance, toothpaste
- White toothpaste is great for removing spots on floors and walls
- Use a rubber band to keep the spare toothbrush around the toothpaste

6. Clean up regularly
- It is important to regularly clean the house, at least 3 times a week

7. Get professional help
- If you do not have the time to do all the cleaning in your HDB, hire professional services
- Choose a company with a good reputation
- Professional cleaning services may point out something that you missed and show you how to go about it
The above 7 Useful Housekeeping Tips for HDB will make cleaning easier by many standards.

Monday, 18 May 2015

7 Useful Spring Cleaning Tips For Home

Spring cleaning is a concept that sounds very tiresome, given that it involves cleaning the entire house from top to bottom with the aim of keeping it fresh and organized. It involves a lot of work considering how thorough the process often has to be, but the results are usually breathtaking and thus worth the effort. In the event that you are wondering whether to do spring cleaning, you may have to understand that it is not so much about spring the season as it is about having a fresh and beautiful home.

To start you off, here are seven useful tips that will make this tedious exercise a lot more bearable and even enjoyable.

-Identify the areas that need cleaning the most
-Break down your chores into manageable sessions
-Deal with all the important areas one at a time
-Gather all your junk belongings and dispose them
-Pay attention to carpets, upholstery and high surfaces
-Kitchen appliances, fans and air conditioners need some cleaning too
-Use the right equipment and supplies for the right job

1. Cleaning after a long time

The point of embarking on spring-cleaning is to ensure that you get rid of debris that has been gathering in your house over a long time. Even people with regular cleaning schedules tend to neglect some areas in their house for one reason or the other. Therefore, the first tip to effective spring cleaning is to identify the areas that you have been neglecting over time. For most homes, this would be the attic and the garage, but depending on how you manage your home, your case could be different. As a result, you should check out your home and pick out the areas that really need a cleaning. Starting with these areas will make the process even more rewarding as you get motivation when you start seeing the changes. 

2. Few minutes at a time

Cleaning the home is generally a daunting task, which would under most circumstances require a lot of time and effort. In order to effectively carry out spring-cleaning, you need to break down the cleaning schedule to manageable bits. You cannot spend the entire day doing nothing but house cleaning chores and thus the best way to go about it is to take one step at a time. For instance, you could use fifteen minutes to deal with the windows and take a break, and then take another 20 minutes to clean your carpet or change your curtains. The idea is to finish one task at a time and make sure that you have done it well. In the end, you will accomplish much more than someone who decides to do everything at a go and ends up only touching a small area for each chore.

3. Focus on specifics

You may know some people who can spend an entire week cleaning their home. This is not such a bad way to go about spring-cleaning, but it can be really a waste of time. In order to accomplish more within a shorter time-frame, you will have to focus on specific aspects of the home. You could start out with the kitchen and clean it all out before heading to the bathrooms, then the living room. The bedroom is usually easier and more calming to clean and can therefore come last. The point behind channeling your focus on one room is that you will be able to not only clean but also organize everything at the same time. As you clean, you need to ensure that you cover the entire room seeing as the charming aspect of spring-cleaning is in its wholesomeness. Do not start cleaning the living room and then move to the bedroom before finishing, this only extends your list of chores rather than shortening it.

4. Create space where you can

The name spring-cleaning implies that this kind of cleaning occurs once in a very long time, although in some parts of the world it would literally mean once a year. After an entire year, you probably have a lot of things in the house that you do not need anymore. This is the best time to decide on what you need to get rid of and what you would rather keep. You will appreciate that at this point; you can either give your unused stuff away or even sell it online or through a yard/garage sale. The point is to eliminate the things that add to clutter in your home thus leaving you with a lot of space to redesign your home. 

5. Getting rid of the dust

Accumulation of dust and dirt is one of the main reasons as to why spring-cleaning is so important in Singapore. If you are hoping for a productive spring-cleaning exercise, you will want to pay attention to the carpets, upholstery, ceilings and other high surfaces. This is where you will find most of the debris and dealing with it means you are almost through. You may need some vacuum cleaners and long brushes among other equipment’s, but you must deal with these places if you want a satisfying outcome for your spring-cleaning venture. 

6. The machinery

Usually, you do not pay attention to things like the fans, air conditioners, fridges, dishwashers, laundry machines, grills and microwaves at home. This is because they seem like a lot of work but during spring-cleaning, you may want to clean them out as well. They are often very dirty after a long time of use and if you do not clean them out, you will remain with pending chores to carry through the rest of the year or until your next cleaning spree. Clean your home appliances thoroughly to ensure that they work better and last longer.

7. Working smart

Like many other activities, cleaning is harder if you do not have the right supplies and equipment. You can search for what you may need for your different chores online or even consult with a housekeeping expert. Here, you need to realize that the right tools are the only way to get everything done faster. Otherwise you would be turning an ordinarily tedious and boring indulgence into a severe punishment for yourself.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Single Best Way To Do Sofa Cleaning

One of the most outstanding pieces of furniture in a home is the sofa. Sofas make a huge statement on the unique taste and likes of the owner. One of the most alarming things about sofas is the amount of dust and pathogens it accumulates over time. This dirt and dust come from food, soil, children and pets. This means that one can get infections of the skin from a dirty sofa. It is also possible to get respiratory problems, or colds by inhaling the dust from the sofa and its cushions.

One of the ways to overcome this ordeal is by cleaning your sofa from time to time. There are many ways that one can use in cleaning the sofas. But, here we will concentrate on one of these methods. It is considered as the single best method to clean your sofa. This method uses three main steps. These steps include inspection of the sofa, use of a heated cleaning mixture and lastly rinsing with a special pH-balanced solution.

- In the first step a preliminary inspection is carried out. This is aimed at assessing how dirty the sofa is. All the problem areas are assessed in order to know how much dirt is deeply embedded in the sofa.

- This procedure must be done with personal protective equipment. This is needed because there is a high chance of the dust and dirt being disturbed, this makes it easier for them to be inhaled.

- It is important to identify the different types of dirt lodged on the seat. This includes grime, soil, dust mites and soil. Dust is the most common type of dirt in Singapore due to lose soils and strong winds.

- By identifying the different types of dirt one is able to know the amount of cleaning solution that will be used. It is also very important in determining the concentration of different cleaning solution. Some people even go to the extent of conducting microscopic examination of the sofa.

- This kind of thorough examination is necessary for sofas that have been exposed to pets over a long period of time without cleaning. Sometimes house owners set apart a sofa for their pets, this means that if the pet was carrying any disease causing microorganisms it will spread to the chair. This helps to determine if the sofa will be fumigated with pesticides.

- The second step in this process involves applying a heated cleaning mixture. This heated mixture is important because it helps to lift the deeply embedded dirt. Due to its high temperature it is able to remove any grime and other oily products present in the sofa.

- This solution should be sprayed at high pressure so that the force of the solution is able to penetrate the entire sofa. It also ensures that the dirt that is lodged in hard to reach areas are removed easily. This is also very important in loosening dirt that has stuck together, therefore makes them easy to be lifted.

- The high temperature also plays a role in the elimination of pathogens and their eggs. This will keep your sofa free of any disease causing microorganisms present in your sofa. It is at this stage that fumigation can take place. Fumigation should be done with a protective gas mask. This is because some of the chemicals contained in the pesticides used are not friendly to humans.

- It is important to keep the temperature of the solution high. This is necessary in the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.

- Some of the eggs of the pathogens found on your sofa can be resistant to low temperatures. They will therefore need to be exposed to high temperature for a long period of time. You can take 30-40 minutes while doing this procedure. Make sure the solution you use is of high quality and has disinfecting properties.

- The next step of this process involves using a special pH-balanced solution. This solution is used in rinsing off the dirt and grime that was lifted by the hot solution.

- The rinse is done for several times until the solution remains clear. A clear color means all the dust is out.

- There should also be no traces of oil or greasiness in the solution.

- It is important to use this solution and not plain water. This is because the first solution can be acidic or basic. A highly acidic solution if left on your sofa will damage your sofas fabric. A solution of high levels of bases will also damage your sofa. It is therefore important to use this stabilized solution to bring the level to a neutral one. A neutral level in pH-balance will ensure your sofa is safe from corrosion and damage. It is still important to wear protective clothing at this stage of cleaning your sofa.

- After doing the above your sofa will need to be dried. This can be done by putting the sofa outside to dry with the sun’s rays.

- It is also possible to use special driers that are able to suck out the moisture from the sofa.

- It is always advised to make sure the sofas are exposed to the sun after cleaning and drying. This is because the sun has a disinfecting effect. This is extremely convenient in Singapore due to the many days of sunny weather.

After doing all the above it is important to apply a good fabric protector on your sofa. Fabric protectors help to keep dirt away from your sofa. It is recommended that you top up the fabric cleaner after a thorough clean even if you had applied it before. This is because the protection weakens over time.

A good fabric protector should be able to offer protection for your sofa over a long period of time. It should also keep your sofa smelling clean and fresh. It is important to ensure that the products used in cleaning your sofa will not damage your sofa. They should be of good quality.

Another thing to consider especially during cleaning is that all problem areas are reached. Some corners or crevices on a sofa can end up being untouched. It is important that the cushions are also cleaned in this process.

This procedure offers you an extensive and effective method to clean your sofas. Not only does it leave it looking bright as new. But, it also gets rid of disease causing microorganisms this keeps you free from any related respiratory and skin infections.