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What Are The Best Ways To Clean Away Dusts?

How to Clean Dust Effectively

For starters, we would recommend that you purchase a professional mat. A professional mat is essentially a walk-off mat; the type of mat that is commonplace in areas where germs are an issue; such as at a hospital. You can pick one up at your local janitorial supply store, and they are usually made of olefin or nylon and have a vinyl back as well as a vinyl or rubber turf. They are also available in a multitude of different colors and types so you don't need to worry about finding one that won't work well with your home's dimensions. We would also recommend that you purchase one for the interior of your home as well as one for the exterior. Just ensure that both are at least 4 strides long.

As for vacuuming, you should vacuum the mats on a regular basis or bring them outside and give them a good shake. The mats should also be scrubbed down thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaning product, and should be hosed off properly on a regular basis. A wet/dry vacuum can also be used or even an upholstery shampoo can be used to clean them properly. This the ways to get rid of dust in home cleaning

1. Minimize how many times windows and doors are opened. Opening access points to your home increases the amount of dirt that comes into your home. By keeping windows closed when practicable you can reduce the amount of dust in the home.

2. Vacuum your home at least once a week. Dust and dirt in your carpet eventually works its way into the air to settle on your furniture. Vacuuming is an easy way to get rid of the dirt before it becomes dust.

3. Get rid of your carpet. Vacuuming is helpful but it will never remove all the dirt and dust that carpet holds. It is simply amazing how much dirt is "permanently" inside of carpet. In fact, all the dust and dirt in the carpet for a normal size room would, if piled together, create a mound an inch or so high. Even when you think your carpet is clean, it isn't. In fact, many allergy sufferers simply can't have carpet in their home for this reason. Replacing your carpet with hardwood or tile will greatly reduce amount of them.

4. Change your furnace filter. Your furnace filter has the job of removing dust floating around in the air. Plus, changing the filter helps your furnace last longer.

5. Change bedding weekly. This one makes many people cringe. One of dust's primary components are dead skin cells. Humans are constantly shedding skin cells and areas where we spend lots of time have high concentrations of these cells. And your bed would be one of these places. Gently roll the sheets up when changing them to prevent the cells from escaping into the air.

6. When dusting, use a tool that captures the dust. Feather dusters and dry clothes don't eliminate dust they simply move it around. Instead use something that captures the dust like a Swiffer or use polish on a cloth.

Small Things Go A Long Way As Strategies To Make Your House Dust Proof

The entry of dust into the house and getting deposited on a variety of objects is responsible for the dirt and dust that accumulates inside the house. These are so small in size that stopping their entry is almost impossible for most of us. Therefore, a dust proof house is one which is made or arranged in such a way that there is minimal entry of dust particles inside the house. This justifies the idiom that prevention is better than cure.

It is wiser for people to make arrangements in such a way that there is no accumulation of dust rather than allowing the dust to settle in and then going about the substantial process of cleaning. For those who like to have large windows for good air circulation, dust might be a possibility along with the air.

The simplest thing that one can do is to decorate the house with things that do not catch dust and other particles easily. One such ingredient in the house that is prone for dust settlement is a small ornament. The more ornaments in the houses, the more you will have cleaning to worry about. Taking care of these objects is a very time-consuming job and so much time goes missing from routine cleaning due to this.

Air purifiers cut down on the dust particles that enter along with air. The floors and walls should be as smooth as possible. Wall paints come out in different forms which provide a smooth coating on the wall surface. This doesn't let particles get deposited. In any case, if dust is found such paints allow smooth removal of the dust by a simple wiping action. Similarly the floors should have tiles and hard wood, so that the dust does not remain off in the crevices.

If your house has carpets all around, then the chance of dust sticking in the carpet fibres and hairs is very high. Removing these dust particles is not only a headache for you, but also for the maid service providers. Additionally, steam cleaning these will incur further expenditure. Using hard wooden floors and tiles is therefore more economical as they last longer than carpets on the floor.

If you want to have perfect cleaning of the home, then you should ask the cleaning agencies to vacuum the house during the carrying out of the cleaning services. You should have a good quality vacuum cleaner in your home.

Keeping fabrics like upholstery is also to be kept to a minimum. The use of dehumidifiers is a great help in removing humidity from the air, as the presence of humidity collects more dust. The mattresses should be regularly changed and cleaned, especially if there are children sleeping on them. Pets are another worry for people under the list of things to be kept clean. You can do it all by yourself or ask a competent cleaning agency to take care of such things.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What Is Included In Office Cleaning Services?

If you are running an office in Singapore, it is significant to choose the best cleaning options. This will be of great help to you as it will provide you with an outstanding service which you require. Most of the homeowners in Singapore have greatly preferred a reputable firm which provides the cleaning service.

Benefits of the best office cleaning service in Singapore 

#1. It is affordable 
One of the major reasons why you need to go for the office cleaning service is that it will not cost you more money yet it is quality service. Basing on the client’s reviews, it is evident that they are satisfied with the office cleaning service. Their main objective is to ensure that they assist you to save a huge amount of money which you could have spent with other office cleaning firms.

#2. The latest technology is used 
With the technological advancement, you will be amazed by the cleaning done by the company. Most of the clients have chosen the firm as it is ideal in the current market.

#3. They offer a variety of service 
The company of choice will enable you to get a wide range of services. In addition to that, they will always ensure that they offer the topmost cleaning of your office which you will enjoy. As mentioned above, your needs will be satisfied.

#4. The market share is increased 
With the growing number of people who like using the services provided by the company, the market share will definitely grow. In addition to that, the increased number of individuals will continue getting attracted to the business.

#5. They have experienced and well-trained staff 
The experts are able to understand the up to date office cleaning service for both the personal and businesses. Consequently, they have been a devoted company who will provide quality services.

#6. The office cleaning has a warranty 
Another benefit of the company is the fact that it offers a warranty to its customers. What the company does is to give out the best compensation mechanism which will satisfy the needs of every individual. Therefore, the company has grown its reputation whenever every person is seeking for assistance.

The cost of the office cleaning in Singapore 

The office cleaning service is a daunting task especially when you are operating a very large business premises. Apart from the cleaning rates, there are a variety of things which you need to put into consideration. Depending on some factors, the cost of office cleaning in Singapore varies.

Reasons why you need to hire a professional cleaning service

It is very vital to clean your office regularly. With professional office cleaners, you are rest assured that the premises will stay cleaner. Also, the guest will not be experiencing any challenges. This will keep a very good impression. Hence, making your office is unique. The following are some of the reasons why you need to look for the experts who will assist you greatly:

• There is no need to worry about the cleaning 
One of the major significance of hiring an expert to undergo the cleaning service is that the cleaning process will not bother you. By hiring the reputable firm, both cleanliness and hygiene will be handling effectively. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning. Instead, you just leave the duty to an attendant to take care of. It is also a wise idea to hire qualified personnel if you don’t want to clean the office by yourself. As the cleaning company will handle the job effectively, you will just relax and focus on the duties which are supposed to undertake.

• Additional time and money will be saved
By hiring the cleaning company, both your time and money will be saved. The savings will not occur once, but it is continuous. In fact, no time will be spent on poorly stranded personnel so as to do the cleaning. When you sign a long-term contract with the best firm, there might be huge discounts waiting.

It is also worth to mention that some enterprises normally look for special packages or services which are provided by the service providers in Singapore. What you need to do is to first determine the square foot area of your office. Thereafter, seek assistance from the best cleaning service providers. To be precise, you will get perfect service for cleaning the office properly. In general, you will be able to save a lot of money as well as the time when you prefer using the service as compared to doing the cleaning as an individual.

• The surroundings of the company will be healthy 
as mentioned above, the main focus of the company is cleanliness and hygiene. You will get an assurance that the workers will be undertaking their duties in absolutely hygienic and clean surrounding throughout the working period. The healthier environment will also be passed to your customers. Since the health of the employees will not be affected, the productivity will definitely increase.

• Your clients will be impressed 
In a very tough economic situation, it is always a priority to be ahead of the competition. This will impress the buyers of your goods and services. Consequently, the customers will like the dedication and commitment which the company has. Apart from that, you will be able to get a high-level impression of the professionalism level.


The company will always stand out to be prominent if all the regulations and standards are maintained. The resourceful information will provide you with vital information on how you can acquire the services from a recognized firm. By choosing the company excellent company in Singapore, a lot of money will be saved. Hence, your satisfaction will be high. This is because they will be happy with the kind of service provided by the company. What are you still waiting for? Just hire Singapore’s office cleaning service and you will start benefiting from. The best company in Singapore is available every day when you want to make sure that your office is clean and has an appealing look. Therefore, you need to look for the outstanding firm and you will greatly benefit from it.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Inside Tips Of Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Keeping your restaurant clean is vital to its successful management. Failure to maintain high level of cleanliness can result to your business being closed down. Health inspectors usually conduct rigorous assessment regularly, and they normally examine the kitchen thoroughly for evidence of grime, dirt or poor hygiene in general.

However, as the real owner or manager of your restaurant, your aim should always be to keep the enterprise spotless in order to remain on top of the game. It is extremely important to take pride in what you do. After all this is your business. Here are the ways to keep your restaurant sparkles:

· Kitchen Area
One of the most important areas of the restaurant to be kept clean is its kitchen. The kitchen is exposed to a wide range of possible contaminants. All restaurant employees including cooks servers, bussers and cashiers have accessed to the kitchen and can contaminate food. If surfaces aren’t cleaned properly, raw foods may also pose potential health risks. Organize your staff to sanitize surfaces and equipment that comes into contact with kitchen utensils, instruments and food. This should be done after every task. This way your kitchen will always remain hygienic.

Your local health department establishes proper types of sanitizers and disinfectants your kitchen workers should use when washing utensils and also proper storage techniques for foodstuffs that may contain blood-borne pathogens. Items found in kitchens such as blenders, counter tops, chopping boards and grills must also be sterilized. Never allow a simple problem get worse. Any simple problem noticed in the kitchen, such as black mold growing on the window ledge or a small leak under the sink shouldn’t just be ignored. Failing to act upon minor issues may turn them into a major problem. Tiny issues are easy to fix. On the contrary, large problems are not.

· Remember that, at times, you will need a professional help.
It is necessary that you realize the fact that at times, you will require the help of a professional. You can as well look around for a professional restaurant cleaning services in your local area and hire them regularly to come and restore your restaurant to its original state of cleanliness.

· Dining Area
The cleanliness of your restaurant’s dining and eating area is extremely important to maintain the general appearance of your establishment and also for safety purpose. Typically, the first area the patrons will see when they visit your restaurant in the dining area. If your dining area appears untidy, many customers may decide to leave.

This area can be cleaned by sanitizing thoroughly the surface areas your clients frequently come into contact with, such as table tops, bar tops, chairs among other places. Surface cleaning require clean towels that haven’t been used to clean surfaces in other restaurant areas such as kitchen or restrooms. It is also important to make sure menus and condiment bottles are regularly disinfected.

· Do not forget the freezer and the fridge
Some of the very bad conditions may take place in the freezer. It’s not beyond imagination hat in some extremely hot climates; some staff members eat right inside freezers and leave the packaging.

· Floors
Restaurant floors that are not clean are not just unsightly but also pose a great safety risk to patrons and restaurant workers. In many cases you will notice many establishments placing large floor mats right in front of the restaurant to prevent dirt from being carried into the restaurant. Areas near the entrance and exit of the restaurant and also places underneath tables and booths must be cleaned and mopped regularly to keep them clean. Deep cleaning with liquid bleach, water and soap helps to get rid of soil accumulation in tile grout. If a spill occurs, the area must be immediately sectioned off, clean the spill and let the area dry to prevent slip-and-fall incidences.

· Food and toxic chemicals have never mixed 
Your main goal is to make sure that your clients safely enjoy their meals. Some products used in cleaning may contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals may lead to severe injuries if ingested; and therefore it’s necessary that you avoid using them in places where food is frequently prepared. In case you aren’t sure, never leave it to chance. Enlist the assistance if a local restaurant cleaning service instead.

· You may also assign you staff areas to keep clean 
Assigning an individual a specific area makes him responsible for that place. Pride will make sure that the task is done right. Responsibilities should be rotated so that an individual is not stuck with the difficult task all the time.

· Take care of the grill
Brush down the grill between orders. Keep prep areas clean and tidy. Change cutting boards regularly. Set aside a separate cutting board for vegetables, fish and meat to prevent cross-contamination. Rags for cleaning and sanitizing water must be changed. Empty the trash.

· Restrooms
Restrooms too need regular cleaning and maintenance. Rest rooms are usually shared by visitors and staff. Cleaning rest rooms properly prevent cross-contamination from the staff to foodstuffs and eating utensils. Rest rooms can be cleaned properly by scrubbing toilet seats and bowls and also the floor around toilets. Sink faucets and door handles should be disinfected and the surface areas around sinks dried. Paper towels, toilet papers and soap dispensers should be fully stocked. Rest rooms should be regularly monitored to ensure they don’t require attention.

· Take the roles of a restaurant inspector
Sometimes, it’s not easy to notice dirt when you’re engrossed in the management of a business. However, it’s extremely important that you learn to look at the restaurant with appraising eyes. Take a few minutes each day to move s through the kitchen space slowly, examining waste disposal areas, food handling zones, work surfaces, floors as well as window ledges.


Regardless of the type of restaurant you own, your main duty is to serve cold food cold and hot food hot. Every restaurant owner wants to offer great food with amazing customer service in a clean and safe environment for the staff and guests alike. This can only be achieved by sticking to the above insights tips of keeping restaurants clean.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

8 Reasons To Use A Janitorial Company

For large companies, hiring people to clean for them may not always be the best move to take. It is not only very expensive but it also doesn’t guarantee that you will get the best person for the job. Since the company may not be engaged in the cleaning line of business, they may not understand what to look for in hiring cleaning personnel. For such companies where it is cleanliness and neatness directly affects the company’s performance, it is important to look for a specialist that understands and is able to deliver quality cleaning services. This is where janitorial companies come in.

Janitorial services are a necessity in any office. It is impossible for an office full of activities not to require cleaning services. Since the company employees cannot clean themselves, it is important to hire personnel that will be purely dedicated to keeping the offices clean. There are innumerable reasons why janitorial services are necessary for any large organization. Some of this include:

· Experience
Janitorial companies are solely dedicated to cleaning services. This means that over the years, they have accumulated great skills of executing a cleaning job through experience. This means that hey kind of services that they deliver will in most cases if not always be unmatched by any other. A good janitorial company is one that has been in the business for many years since it has a lot of experience in cleaning jobs. By hiring a janitorial company, you are guaranteed of hiring the right skill set for the cleaning job in your company.

· It is cheap
Hiring a cleaning company will, in the long run, save you a lot of money. One of the best things about well established janitorial companies is that they will provide all the necessary equipment that will be required for cleaning, for instance, vacuum cleaners, shampooers among others. This means that you will not have to invest in such which would otherwise be the case if you decided to hire your own cleaning staff. The only thing that may be required from you is to buy the cleaning products like soaps and detergents. This is way cheaper compared to buying all other cleaning equipment.

· Expertise
A great janitorial company hires only the right staff for the job. This means that you don’t need to go looking for people to hire to do the cleaning work for you. Janitorial companies are experts in the field of cleaning. This means that whoever is hired to work for the company has to be qualified. They are well-vetted and are fit to work for you. This also means that they already know how to work with cleaning machines and other equipment. You will, therefore, need not incur costs in terms of both money and time to train them. They already have the right skills for the job. This will also mean that you won’t need to supervise them closely as they already understand what is expected of them.

· Other services
A great janitorial company does not only specialize in one job. For instance, you may find that a janitorial company offers more than just cleaning services. They may offer services like painting and catering. This means that I the event that you have a need for a service that the janitorial company offers, you may not need to go looking for other companies. In case you are satisfied with the services that you receive, it will be the first company that you turn to. This is a great thing since the two of you have already established a bond; it will be quite easy to execute that other side contract like a painting job. In the event that the janitorial company does not offer the service that you need, they might give you a useful referral that may have the right skill set.

· Greater productivity
A company that doesn’t deal with cleaning works but where cleanliness and neatness are crucial may not always know what to do when the staff hired for cleaning are not efficient. It might end up concentrating a lot of its effort in ensuring that the office premises are kept neat and clean. This might end up affecting its performance and productivity. Hiring a janitorial company, however, will help solve the whole issue. Since the janitorial staff will not require a lot of supervision, the company’s top management will have more time in developing strategies that will be beneficial to the organization towards productivity.

· Great ideas
A good janitorial company will help a company by coming up with great cost effective ideas. Since they are already in the cleaning field, they already understand what goes on there. For instance, in the event that a company needs to buy a cleaning machine, a janitorial company will be best placed to advise them on such an issue. This will go a long way in helping the company save on cost.

· Safety measures
A good janitorial company will have trained its staff o the safety precautions that they need to undertake in carrying out their duties. This means that they will know what to do in a crisis situation. When it comes to the use of chemicals, they understand what they can use and that which they shouldn’t. They also know the emergency response in the event of a fire and other emergencies. This may be crucial in saving lives.

· Shifting the burden
In Singapore, hiring a janitorial company helps shifts the burden from the company. Since the janitorial staff is not on the company’s payroll, it means that they are not the company’s responsibility. This helps shifts the burden of remuneration and pension plans, insurance policies, tax compliance and any other issue that revolves around company employees in Singapore.

The above are some of the reasons why janitorial services are required in your company. Therefore, the next time you are out of cleaning staff, or when the staff you have in place are not doing a great job as you would expect, you may want to consider hiring a janitorial company for better cleaning services.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Does Carpet Shampooing Damage New Carpet?

Do you have a dull, dirty carpet right in the middle of your living room? Are you scared of even touching it because you think it might damage the look and feel of your cozy carpet? Well, have no fear as this article can brighten up your day and solve one or two queries you might have about carpet shampooing, all the related relevant questions- the how and why, the do’s and donts’ and much more that might help you save your dying carpet.

Even if you can not see the stains on your carpet, it still needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. And carpet shampooing is one of the many ways by which you can clean your dirty floor carpet. While some say that it can be challenging, others say that it might be the most effective of all methods. Knowing how to shampoo your carpet and rugs properly will help you to keep them as clean as possible for a long time.

What is carpet shampooing?

Carpet Shampooing, as the name suggests is a method of cleaning carpets using a carpet shampoo, vacuum cleaner and a gadget called carpet shampooer. By carpet shampooer, people usually mean a carpet steam cleaning machine that uses a combination of cleaning shampoo with hot water for taking out the dirt from the carpet.

Knowing the right carpet shampoo:
- Carpet shampoos are available commonly in two forms:
- Dry-powder carpet cleaner shampoo
- Liquid carpet cleaner shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo type to cleanse your carpet is totally your call. While choosing the suitable shampoo, you must take into consideration, the carpet’s design, type, fabric etc. For example, if yours is a coloured carpet, it is safe to use a shampoo that doesn't bleach the carpet. Also there are carpet-cleansing shampoos designed specifically to suit multiple needs:

- To fight allergens if you or anyone in your family is extremely allergic to pollutants or are, in worst case scenario asthmatic

- To defeat pet odors if you've a shedding cat or a dog who completely adores the comfort of your carpet. Shampoos that offer in-depth clean especially if your home is located in the city or in high traffic areas

How to do Carpet Shampooing?

Carpet shampooing can be easily done at the comfort of your own home as it is a single person job and requires only light-weight machinery to get the job done.

Follow these simple steps:
- First keep your dirty carpet ready for cleansing.
-Buy or rent carpet a cleaning machine from the nearby hardware store. Also buy the appropriate cleansing shampoo that best fits your carpet’s needs.
- Prepare the machine by filling in adequate amount of water and shampoo in the tank.
- Be careful to follow the instructions as adding too much water or too much shampoo can ruin this process as well as the durability of your lovely carpet.
- Begin walking with the machine from one corner of the carpet slowly as the rotatory brushes of the machine sweeps into the carpet allowing the shampoo to get in between the fibres to draw out dirt.
- The machine nozzle then sucks the dirty shampoo-water lather back into waste water tank. .
- Rinse your carpets well to make it free from the lather and vacuum all the water.
- Walk over the carpet at least two to three times for the rotating brushes of the steam cleanser to imbibe more dirt and water from the carpet.
- Dry the carpet. It's very much important to make sure that there is no amount of shampoo left on the carpet.

Voila! Your carpet is clean, dry and as good as new.

Why Carpet Shampooing?

Carpet Shampooing is marked as the easiest and safest method amongst all other carpet cleansing techniques.

- It is fast, easy to perform and comparatively cost-effective than all other carpet cleansing techniques.
- It ensures that the carpet is flawlessly cleaned.
- It keeps the expensive carpet in very good shape by causing minimum or zero fibre damage.
- Carpet Shampooing guarantees of killing all the bacteria and pollutants hidden between the fibres of your carpet impeccably.
- It keeps your carpet looking spotless and brand new in appearance.

If done correctly, carpet shampooing can keep your carpet dust-free for a long time.

There are varieties of carpet cleansing shampoos to choose from based on your carpet’s sole needs.

- Carpet Shampooing can prevent growth of mould.
- Carpet shampooing technique is marked as 100 % children and pet friendly.

Choosing the correct shampoo based on your carpet type is very essential as there are chances that the wrong shampoo can deeply damage your carpet.

- Over wetting the carpet can bring you unhappy results.
- While using a liquid carpet shampoo, make sure to rinse well and get rid of all the shampoo from the carpet as shampoo left overs will only attract more dirt.
- Make sure you dry the carpet well as wet carpet can invite the growth and prolifiration of mildew.

Also, if you've a larger carpet and wish to shampoo the carpet, it is highly advisable to seek the service of a carpet cleansing company as a larger carpet might appear quite hefty once you apply the shampoo.

The Bottom line:

Many people fall into these myths about the harmful side of carpet cleaning and restraints from cleaning their carpets forever. But truth be told, you must clean your carpet at least once in every 18 months. After all, if you want your carpets to look good then you need to keep them clean.

When it comes to carpet shampooing, you might want to choose the best shampoo for the carpet and make sure that the carpet cleaner machine you own or hire is of high quality. It is not the technique but little things like how much care you put in when it comes to picking up the right carpet cleansing shampoo, or how much water or shampoo you add to the machine or how effective your rinsing and drying technique is that keeps your comfy carpet steer clear of damage.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

7 Easy Steps On Cleaning Your Blinds

Singapore is a really hot and humid country and dust gathers up quickly on all your furniture windows and floor. Thorough professional cleaning is required to keep up with the conditions and maintain a clean house. Whether your blinds style is of fabric, wooden or vertical types they all become dusty and if forgotten you eventually end up with something filthy as the dust becomes exposed to the sun and hardens up turning something of a hassle to take care of. Here are some common tips to help you take care of that blind sooner and get the correct amount of light in your room from those windows. Do it yourself and learn the process slowly so that after a couple of times you will be good with the procedures and you will be cleaning your blinds as often as you would like 

7 Easy Steps On Cleaning Your Blinds

1.Start with the dustiest side
Turn the side that gathers the most dust to you. This is the side that is always facing up, the convex side. So turn this side to face you and not the window. The first step of the plan involves getting rid of as much dust residue as possible. Hung the blind well ensuring that there will not fall down during the cleaning exercise. You can always brush of the dust, vacuum the blinds or a combination of both methods which ensures that the blinds are cleaned thoroughly.

With a dry duster such as one made from an ostrich feather start dusting. A good duster should be one that is able to reach inside the slates and flush out any gathered dust. An ostrich feather brush will penetrate the louvers and flush out dust thoroughly. You can always opt to vacuum the whole thing if the dirt is more and especially when dealing with a fabric blind. Just remember that vacuuming is done crosswise. It is convenient to always work from the top to the bottom by way of vertical strokes for any horizontal blind. For a vertical blind you are advised to brush from left to right. Always deal with the upper half first. These are efficient techniques that not only let the entire dust end up on the floor but also ensure you are not leaving dust on the side you are already done with. Additionally, by pushing dirt on the floor you leave your walls and windows dustless.

4. Deal with the lower half too then tip the all the dust off to the floor 

5. Put on those gloves and clean between the blinds or wash the blinds up
for non-fabric blinds going manual by individually handling each blind you get the benefit of ensuring no dust is left behind. If you got time to do it you can clean them up manually with a cloth and some sprays, letting your fingers twist, tilt and clean the slats and tackle the sticky dust and any residue such as cigar stains. The cloth should be dipped in a mild detergent solution and well wrung to ensure you do not leave the blinds wet. Slip the cloth between the slats and pull it from the other side gently dragging dirt with it then rinse the microfiber cloth and repeat the procedure until each slat is dealt with. For fabric blinds you may want to wash them up after vacuuming and getting rid of as much dirt as possible.

6. Clean the concave side
Reverse it to the other side and follow the same step to clean the concave side. Many folks forget to turn the blinds and clean the other side too, in as much as this might be a low dirt side, cleaning the concave side ensures you do not leave stains behind. Rinse the blinds thoroughly and even use running water when the blind type you are dealing with fits. Any extra water should be purged out of the slats by letting your fingers slip between the slats repeatedly and gently squeezing the water off.

5. Sock the blinds
Some nasty dirt like grease and other food and beverage stains will not go away unless you are ready to do some socking and use bleach and efficient detergents, therefore sock the blind in a bathtub with a detergent solution to make the dirt easy to scrub off and clean the blinds up. Professional help is important when this is your last resort as you do not want to over-bleach your fabric and end up with a dull blind after all. Only sock vinyl blinds and not wooden blinds as saturating the wood can damage the whole thing , these can only be made wet during cleaning and wiped dry thereafte

7. Clean the floor and duster
Unless you want the dust to end up on your already clean windows and blinds again, get rid of all the dirt that might have accumulated on the floor by sweeping it off carefully. Shake off the dirt and leave the duster clean. You can even wash it and leave it to dry

When your blind is in good condition it not only serve as a means for you to control the daylight and sunlight that shines into your room but also serve as attractive home accessories. Cleaning up your blinds is not an overwhelming task at all if you follow correct professional instructions and making sure you are doing the right thing also once you get used to doing it, then you can make it a regular task which means your house always be neat . It is advisable to vacuum your blinds always on a routine basis to prevent dust from gathering up. Just remember that it never hurts to get professional help too, so if you got the gut feeling that you should consult a dry cleaners advice and perhaps services do it to avoid damaging your good home accessories or even harming yourself with chemicals. Cleaning a bind takes patience. Take your time and do some nice work.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

11 Mistakes To Avoid On Internal Glass Cleaning

Scouring and scrubbing is one of the key tasks to keep an office or home equipment or a surface made of glass clean, right? Although you might be having the best intentions of maintaining tidiness, some cleaning procedures are blunders, which can actually end up with more harm than good. Take for an example, washing glass internal glass on a sunny day may be one of the major reasons as to why we have stubborn streaks you occasionally see on a glass. Nevertheless, if you are aware of some common internal glass cleaning mistakes can really help protect your investment in your office or home. As the saying goes, it is far much better to prevent damage than trying to repair it latter after the occurrence of a foreseen incident. But, what are some the common mistakes you need to avoid on internal glass cleaning?

11 mistakes to avoid on internal glass cleaning
The following are the top 11 mistakes that you need to avoid as much as possible when cleaning an internal glass surface:

#1. Scrubbing a glass with a steel wool
In most cases, steel wool is one the most common washing material in many homes. It is quite unfortunate to note that some people might think that they can as well use it remove stubborn spots on a glass surface. In this regard, be warned that the use of a steel wool will probably scratch your glass and leave it unpleasant marks. Instead, you are required to use vinyl sponge if you need to get rid of hard-to-remove dirt.

#2. Using paper towels to shine
Normally, after you have removed grease or stains on any other surface, you can make it shine better with the aid of cleaner dipped with ammonia or vinegar. However, power towel should not be used to wipe off the above cleaners if the surface in question is made of glass. This is because paper towels breaks down leaving lint all over. In essence, you need to use something that is exceedingly absorbent but does not break down easily. Some of the recommended options to consider include microfiber cloths, newspapers, and many more.

#3. Forgetting to buff
Once your glass surface is clean and shiny, it is the right time to bluff it. However, most people forget this awesome procedure. Bluffing is simply wiping the internal glass surface again with a lint-free material (cloth) or special polishing cloth. As a matter of fact, this last stage wipes off all lint and minimizes streaks.

#4. Cleaning a glass surface on a sunny environment
As stated in the introductory section, cleaning a surface made of a glass increases the chances of damaging it. Similarly, if you clean an internal glass on a sunny day, due to the excessive heat of the sun, the cleaning solutions that you have used will dry too fast and leaves streaks on the glass. Therefore, avoid cleaning glasses during a weather conditions.

#5. The use of lemon and vinegar juice when cleaning everything
Nowadays, there is a great emphasis that organic cleaning products offer mild results. The truth of the matter is that concentrated juices from the above fruits are acidic in nature can there is higher chances that will damage surfaces made of marble, onyx/glass, travertine, and limestone. Indeed, they usual make glass surfaces appear permanently dull. However, you can use vinegar solution (preferably 1 tablespoon vinegar mixed with about 1 gallon of water) to remove water scales and soap scum from glass surfaces.

#6. Thinking that every cleaner is a disinfectant
Most people think that all cleaning solutions available in the market are created equally. If have this mind, you will end up cleaning any glass surface with any available cleaner, exposing to it damages. However, the truth of the matter is that there are specific disinfectant and cleaners for cleaning a glass surface.

#7. Using glass cleaning products without reading the label
One of the most common mistakes when using any cleaning product is to assume you know how to use it. In a similar way, some people go the market to shop for the latest glass cleaning products, and when back home/office, they start using without reading even the first sentence of the intrusion manual. In fact, at the back of their minds, they assume that, the same procedure as the previous product is followed. The truth of the matter is that even the simplest cleaning products come with an instruction manual and hazard warnings. Therefore, you are advised to read and understand the labels so that you can know how the product works. 

#8. Excessive use of glass cleaners
As stated in the previous section, some people think that every cleaner does well on every surface. But, there are some people who know that. However, there is one common mistake: excessive use of glass cleaners thinking that it will clean faster as well as able to remove all the dirt. The truth of the matter is that a little bit of the recommended glass cleaner does it all!

#9. Cleaning using hard water
The use of hard water to clean office and home surfaces is very common in Singapore. Similarly, cleaning a surface made of glass would result into a messy work! Actually, using distilled water is the key. Generally, distilled water is considered soft water and it does not have minerals and other impurities that usually leave behind streaky deposits.

#10. Cleaning while in hurry
Another mistake that most people commit is doing things while in hurry. Bearing in mind the fragility of a glass surface, it is highly advisable that you take your time as well as demonstrating high level carefulness while cleaning.

#11. Thinking that you can clean better a glass cleaning expert
It is common knowledge that most people in Singapore engaging in DIY tasks, probably because they want to save money that would have otherwise spend on hiring a professional glass cleaner. Yes, you will save a lot, but there some glass cleaning tasks that seem quite challenging to be undertaken by just anyone with the enough cleaning energy! Nowadays, there are tens and hundreds of glass cleaning companies offering state-of-the-heart cleaning services.

From the aforementioned, it is clear that cleaning an internal glass requires a high level of preparedness. Otherwise, if you commit any of the above mistakes, there are high chances that you are going to damage it.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How To Get License For Cleaning Services In Singapore

Early last year, the Environmental Public Health Bill sailed through parliament. According to the new bill, businesses in Singapore that offer cleaning services are all required to be properly licensed so as this compels them to adhere to the industry standards set by the governing authorities. Continue reading to find out more of the necessary requirements a cleaning business in Singapore would have to meet in order to secure a cleaning services license.

Requirements for licensing

The licensing authority now makes it a requirement for all businesses offering cleaning services to be in possession of written employee contracts, provide training after a specific duration of time and put into operation the Progressive Wage Model. The Progressive Wage Model guarantees that cleaners get wages that are commensurate with skills they offer, their productivity and training. It is believed that approximately 55,000 cleaners are already benefiting from the new requirements.

- Businesses that provide cleaning services in premises including other public places are all required to have licenses. However, there is an exception for firms that provide specialized cleaning services.

- Cleaning businesses are required to register their companies with ACRA also known as The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore. Another alternative is the Registry of Societies. Apart from that, firms seeking to join this industry are expected to demonstrate some high level of experience relevant to the industry.

- New start-ups can can go ahead and supply documentation that proves they have employed one or more employees who have not less than 2 years practical experience with special emphasis on supervising cleaning tasks. The documentation could also show that staff members employed at the cleaning firm have attended training modules like Environmental Cleaning or Workforce Skills Qualifications.

- Even so, the labor commissioner is tasked with the responsibility of indicating the progressive wages with the recommendations of Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners. More details that can help firms seeking to offer cleaning services comply with licensing conditions under this model can be found in Annex D.

- Companies that enrolled in voluntary schemes are now required to make payment to their employees for progressive wages. Nevertheless, the wages must comply with PWM also referred to as the Progressive Wage Model as recommended by the Tripartite Clusters for Cleaners. This particular requirement is made compulsory for all companies as it levels out the play field for all players.

- To get licensing, businesses in this field are required to factor in PWM when applying for tenders and new contracts. The same applies also when renewing already existing contracts. Also firms must agree to pay the resident cleaners wages that agree with PWM. For the current service contracts, businesses are expected to comply with this new regime. As a result, cleaning services businesses are encouraged to begin paying the progressive wages as indicated in the PWM.

With PWM in effect, resident cleaners are now guaranteed of earning higher wages as they work towards improving their skills. Furthermore, they become more industrious and work on even more challenging responsibilities. Such measures are put in place to make sure that consumers and buyers of the cleaning services get better services that also adhere to the industry standards. As a result, cleaning businesses are required to make the compulsory improvements as stipulated in the employments standards. This way, they can easily attract and keep manpower especially because the labor market currently is tight.

Cleaning services businesses are expected to have more than 50% of their employees properly trained in any of the training modules under Singapore Workforce Development Agency framework during initial application for a license. During renewal of the cleaning services license, all staff members should have been trained and there is no exception to this rule. Cleaning businesses are also advised to keep on sending employees for continuous training in order to have better skilled staff members and improve overall cleaning standards. Also, this measure makes it easier for industry players to sustain the higher wages recommended by the authorities.

Even though the Labor Commissioner has adopted the TCC that recommends the basic wages, licensed cleaning firms are required to submit their progressive wage plans particularly for their resident cleaners. In addition cleaning firms should specify basic wages that should not be less than the ones indicated in the PWM. The businesses in the cleaning services industry are also expected to supply their cleaners with updated payslips and employment contracts which indicate the wages they pay. The basic wages should adhere to the recommendations made in the Progressive Wage Model.

To better prepare for the process of licensing new entrants into the businesses as well as the new contractors, WDA has made an effort of working with training partners to ramp up capacities for training. Funding is additionally provided to aid in training of the resident cleaners.

Operating without a cleaning service licenses is a counterproductive move. Cleaning firms found operating with no license will be charged a $10,000 fine or face 12 months in prison. In some instances, offenders can be charged the fine and be imprisoned. People who buy cleaning services and choose to deal with firms that have no valid licenses are also liable to the fine mentioned and an additional $1,000 every single day for the times when the offenses are committed. Moreover, firms breaching the licensing conditions will also be charged a $5,000 fine and their licenses may be revoked or suspended.

The industry of cleaning services is large and diverse. Also, it is synonymous with cheap-sourcing practices that have greatly discouraged productivity, skills and wage improvements. The high attrition rate of cleaning staff has also made it challenging to hire and retain cleaning staff. The present licensing regime gives businesses more incentive to improve productivity and industry standards. It additionally promotes professionalism and the image of this industry. To get your cleaning services license in Singapore, simply follow the tips and recommendations provided above. So, take some time and find out the precise requirements as you make the plans to venture into the cleaning services industry. Check that you comply with all the requirements prior to applying for a cleaning services license.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Can Roller Blinds Be Steam Cleaned?

Can roller blinds be steam cleaned? Many Singaporeans have roller blinds in their homes or perhaps offices. They are meaningful and you cannot afford staying without them. However these blinds can be a haven for dirt and microorganisms. If not properly cleaned, blinds can pile a lot of dirt. Blinds can be hazardous and can lead to health complications. This means that it is always vital to maintain your blinds in a sparklingly clean condition. There are several ways of cleaning blinds but not all cleaning methods are appropriate with your blinds. There are those that can only be cleaned with a damp cloth or a rag while others require advanced cleaning such as steam cleaning. Steam clean is the best method since it can completely remove all the dust and microorganisms that can cause health complications. This means that it is definitely true that roller blinds can be cleaned through steam cleaning. However it is important to note that cleaning is not only using a steam machine but the best way is to stick to the required procedures so as to satisfy your home needs and that of your office.

Consider the material used to make your blinds
Different blinds are made using different types of fabrics thus it is always important to consider this before you embark on your steam cleaning of blinds. Others do not get saturated meaning that steam is the only option available. Others can easily tear thus it is vital to consider using steam cleaning method. Those that cannot be cleaned with steam means that other appropriate methods must be used. It is always wise to look at the labels at your blinds to ensure that you use the appropriate method to do a thorough cleaning. It is good to stick to the stipulated requirements to ensure that you maintain the colour and make of your roller blinds. If this does not work then it is good to consult a professional.

Frequency of cleaning
The intervals at which you clean your blinds also play a crucial role in determining the best cleaning method. If you normally take long before cleaning your blinds then it is good to use steam cleaning because of the heavy heap of dirt and dust that have accumulated in your blinds. However, if you have been cleaning your blinds regularly then it is good to wipe away dust with a damp cloth or a piece of rag. This however should be alternated with steam cleaning so as to kill germs and microorganisms that may cause infections and allergies.

The steam cleaning equipment used
It is imperative to use a machine of cleaning equipment that supports attachments so as to help in completely eliminating all the dirt and dust from your blinds. However, the prime factor is to ensure that you are using modern world class equipment that is compatible with your blinds. You also note that such equipment should not worsen the state of your blinds or even wear the fabric out. Go for the best equipment that will perhaps satisfy your needs. If you decide to let the expert do the job for you, then you should go for a company with good cleaning reputation.

The cost of steam cleaning
It is prudent to consider the cost that you are likely to incur while cleaning your blinds. If the cost for hiring a steam cleaning company is too high, then it is better to do it yourself so long as you follow the stipulated procedures. This will help you to save some extra cash that can be used to run other errands or even your businesses. The cost of steam cleaning should match with the condition and the services rendered by the cleaning company in Singapore. Don’t go for a company that offers low quality services at high prices.

How do you steam clean your roller blinds?

This is also another disturbing question that most Singaporeans are struggling to answer. In fact steam cleaning is not hectic but it is good to always consult a professional because it can be risky and can cause burns. There are certain specific procedures that should be observed. The following are some of the ways of doing your steam cleaning:

1.Fill your steam cleaner with water. This should be clean water or even distilled water in most cases is highly recommended for the perfect cleaning of your blinds. It is good to use a funnel to fill in water so as to avoid spillage that may compromise with the efficiency of your steam cleaner.

2.If your cleaner supports an attachment, then it is wise to use it but if it does not, then there is no need to worry. It is wise to use an attachment that does not interfere or tear away the fabric of your blinds. You can then wait for some time for the steam to form. Once the steam has formed, it is good to stand facing away from the direction of the steam and begin cleaning your blinds thoroughly in all the parts .Hidden sides should be cleaned well to ensure that all the dirt is removed as much as possible.

3.After cleaning, it is also good to clean your steam cleaner and store it well. If cleaning seem complicated to you, then it is better to consult a professional or hire an expert who can assist you in your cleaning of blinds. Remember that you should always take precaution to avoid unnecessary burns and also prevent damages that may leave the fabric of your roller blinds in a pathetic situation. When all these are put into consideration, then you are sure of avoiding infections and embarrassment of staying with dirty blinds that may lead to infections.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Move Out Cleaning

Before choosing a move out cleaning Service Company, it is worth to consider a number of factors in order to avoid engaging the wrong people. The following are six mistakes to avoid when hiring a move out cleaning service company in Singapore:-

Cheaper cleaning service company
This is the number one mistake that many people make when deciding on a move out cleaning Service Company. Many will prefer to go for those who offer the services at low prices not considering the quality of service. Considering on the economy in Singapore, many people would like to save on what they incur in terms of cleaning. As a result many will opt for those offering the services at low prices. Low prices have the following implications: It is a way of attracting clients by these companies thus receiving calls from customers; low prices are offered by individuals not companies.

Individuals in most cases do not have insurance and this could be a danger if damages occur in the process of cleaning. A low price is also an indication that the supplies, equipment and chemicals that will be used in cleaning will be of low quality hence not getting the quality service paid for. This at the end of the day will be expensive than thought as you may end up using more money restoring your home after damages are caused by a cleaning company. Remember, “Cheap is expensive.” Before hiring a move out cleaning company, ask yourself a question, why are they that cheap?

Hiring through phone calls
Making a phone call to engage a company that will do cleaning for you is not bad but it should not be final. Many people in Singapore end up getting poor cleaning service companies because they did not engage well before deciding on the company. It is recommended that you invite an individual/professional from the company that you want to engage to your home. This will help in evaluating the situation as it is and this will help the professional cleaner in deciding what to do depending on how the home is. Avoid making all the decisions over the phone as all homes are not the same. There are diversities from one home to the other.

References are not bad as you gather information in regard of a company that you want to contract for cleaning your home. This can be done through friends, family members, colleagues and even neighbours. However, it is worth to note that there are some who are not genuine and may not be offering quality. Some may refer service companies to you in a bid to conning you. On the other hand some of the service companies may not be offering up to your requirements. As much as you may be referred, be alert and attentive to avoid entering into contracts with companies who will offer terrible services for the whole contractual period.

Offering a contract without clear or proper terms
It is one of the greatest mistakes that many people make in Singapore when drawing contracts with cleaning companies. It is important to note that many cleaning companies will earnestly perform the tasks that are assigned to them at the beginning of the contract. However, along the way if you decide to give them some other tasks which were not in the original agreement, they will do it but it will be billed to you. That is why it is important to ensure that your terms are very clear at the beginning of your contract as this is likely to save you some extra costs which you will have to incur. All this can be avoided by doing your homework properly, asses your home or the areas that will be cleaned by the company to avoid bringing in new changes to the contract. This will by far help you in saving time and money. On the other hand you may get quotations from a number of cleaning companies in order to decide the one that you want to engage.

Move out cleaning service companies not recognized and registered
Cleaning company services in Singapore are all regulated. However, there are those ones which operate behind the curtains and they are not registered or they are not recognized. Many people have fallen prey to this in that they engage the services of companies which are not recognized in respect with the work that they do. For those service companies that do a good job, they are recognized. Home owners may want to avoid them because they think that they are expensive. It is therefore imperative that before deciding on the company that you want to draw a contact with, it is registered and recognized by local bodes which regulate their operation. Even if there is a problem or a disagreement, you will be able to institute legal proceedings against them unlike unrecognized companies. If a recognized company offers poor service, they can be held liable and responsible unlike if you engage those that are not recognized by local bodies.

Fact verification
Before making a decision on the cleaning service company that you want to deal with, it is important to verify all the facts in respect to the company. It is important that you go through a number of documents related to that company for example the kind of work that they have done previously and how the clients rated them. Many people do not have time for this and they end up regretting why they hired a particular company for cleaning. Go through a number of their documents as this will go a long way in reaching a company of your choice for your cleaning services. Go through their professional experience certificates as this will be a guide on deciding the company to do the cleaning for you. Experience certificates must be offered by recognized association as some companies may get bogus documents to lie to unsuspecting customers. Ensure that the certificates are authentic as this will be a guarantee in getting best cleaning services. Do not get tired in fact verification as this will be a plus/advantageous for you in the future.

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7 Ways to Choose the Right Post Renovation Service

After completing the stressful work of renovation of the house in Singapore first priority of every homeowner is to get it clean as soon as possible so that he can use it for living purpose. Proper cleaning of the house is necessary, whether you renovate it partly or wholly, as stains, waste particles and dust in it makes it hard to live in without cleaning. In such condition you can either clean it yourself or hire a post-renovation service, if you have no experience or time for it. But while choosing a professional company for cleaning your home after renovation you should take some careful steps, as given here under, so that you may not regret on your decision later on.

Hire specialised post-renovation service: Most renovation service providers in Singapore claim to provide full package including cleaning services while signing the contract for renovating your home. In such condition instead of relying on their claim you should ask about the field of their expertise in post-innovation cleaning services. Some service providers are expert in cleaning toilets and compounds only whereas some can be expert in cleaning carpets and curtains along with your entire home. You must sign an agreement with innovation service which includes the cleaning of your entire home along with upholsteries and carpet after its renovation in its full package.

Hire eco-friendly post–renovation service: The employees of the renovation service you choose for post-renovation cleaning of your house must be trained to clean your home hygienically. They must know how to clean your house in a healthy, safe and eco-friendly manner to make it liveable for your entire family. They must be trained to use green cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals, used by traditional cleaners, while cleaning your house after renovations. It has been proved several times that the use of harmful chemicals in home cleaning can make its environment unhealthy for the people, children and adults, living in it

Hire reputed and experienced company: While hiring the post renovation service you should check its track record to ensure about the quality of its services and reputation in the market. Instead of taking hasty decision after believing on their advertisements homeowners should spend some time to check the reviews of the previous clients of the cleaning service in Singapore. It also will help them to know about the behaviour of the professional team of the service provider. They must be honest and friendly by nature so that you can be stress free after hiring them.

Hire insured company: House renovation is an expensive project in Singapore so it should not be damaged or deteriorated after completion by the team post-renovation service or anyone else. It will not only increase the cost of renovation but also waste the time and efforts spent on it. So the post-renovation cleaning company you choose must be insured with a popular insurance company in Singapore so that it can compensate the cost of any damage made by its team while cleaning the recently renovated house. It is necessary for the homeowner to check the insurance of the service provider before hiring it to avoid any problem in future.

Price of the cleaning company: Next thing to consider while hiring cleaning service for cleaning your house in Singapore after renovation is its pricing. Most people go for cheap cleaning services to lower their cost but sometimes they have to regret for their choice as they may not give quality of work as desired by them. In fact one cannot afford any kind of damage or distortion in the renovated parts of the home as renovation is not inexpensive. So while hiring post-renovation service you must also focus on the ability of the service provider instead of his price only.

Sign a written contract: Sometimes home owners in Singapore ignore to sign a written contract with the post-renovation service for cleaning their house after completion of renovations. It is not a right tendency as they may have to bear its cost in case any dispute rises during or after completing the cleaning job. You must sign a written contract with cleaning service provider even if he is known and very close to you. The team of the service provider can make any kind of loss to your precious items not traceable in the messy house after renovations. In such condition the liability of the loss will legally be owned by the contractor only if a written agreement is signed with him. While signing the written agreement or contract you should include all the terms and conditions including damages, doing work and payment in it. It should also include the terms of refund if the contractor fails to complete the job as per the agreement.

Book the cleaning company in advance: Most people in Singapore or at any other place usually avoid to book post-renovation service, to clean their house after renovation, in advance. This irresponsible attitude usually costs them higher as sometimes cleaning services are not be available at reasonable cost when required. It is better to book these services in advance even if you are their regular customer as they can be engaged at some other project when you need them. In such condition you may not be able to live in your house, without cleaning it, even after spending a lot on its renovations. So you should book a cleaning service even before you start renovating your house to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Thus you can choose a right post-renovation service in Singapore after following the tips provided in this write-up. You cannot give an outstanding look to your house, even after spending lavishly on its renovations, if you have missed to find a reliable cleaning service for cleaning it after the completion of renovations. Any mistake in this regard will compel you to regret on your hasty decision for hiring an unreliable and inexperienced post-renovation cleaning service. So to get expected results you should not make any mistake in following these tips.