Monday, 11 January 2016

7 Ways to Choose the Right Post Renovation Service

After completing the stressful work of renovation of the house in Singapore first priority of every homeowner is to get it clean as soon as possible so that he can use it for living purpose. Proper cleaning of the house is necessary, whether you renovate it partly or wholly, as stains, waste particles and dust in it makes it hard to live in without cleaning. In such condition you can either clean it yourself or hire a post-renovation service, if you have no experience or time for it. But while choosing a professional company for cleaning your home after renovation you should take some careful steps, as given here under, so that you may not regret on your decision later on.

Hire specialised post-renovation service: Most renovation service providers in Singapore claim to provide full package including cleaning services while signing the contract for renovating your home. In such condition instead of relying on their claim you should ask about the field of their expertise in post-innovation cleaning services. Some service providers are expert in cleaning toilets and compounds only whereas some can be expert in cleaning carpets and curtains along with your entire home. You must sign an agreement with innovation service which includes the cleaning of your entire home along with upholsteries and carpet after its renovation in its full package.

Hire eco-friendly post–renovation service: The employees of the renovation service you choose for post-renovation cleaning of your house must be trained to clean your home hygienically. They must know how to clean your house in a healthy, safe and eco-friendly manner to make it liveable for your entire family. They must be trained to use green cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals, used by traditional cleaners, while cleaning your house after renovations. It has been proved several times that the use of harmful chemicals in home cleaning can make its environment unhealthy for the people, children and adults, living in it

Hire reputed and experienced company: While hiring the post renovation service you should check its track record to ensure about the quality of its services and reputation in the market. Instead of taking hasty decision after believing on their advertisements homeowners should spend some time to check the reviews of the previous clients of the cleaning service in Singapore. It also will help them to know about the behaviour of the professional team of the service provider. They must be honest and friendly by nature so that you can be stress free after hiring them.

Hire insured company: House renovation is an expensive project in Singapore so it should not be damaged or deteriorated after completion by the team post-renovation service or anyone else. It will not only increase the cost of renovation but also waste the time and efforts spent on it. So the post-renovation cleaning company you choose must be insured with a popular insurance company in Singapore so that it can compensate the cost of any damage made by its team while cleaning the recently renovated house. It is necessary for the homeowner to check the insurance of the service provider before hiring it to avoid any problem in future.

Price of the cleaning company: Next thing to consider while hiring cleaning service for cleaning your house in Singapore after renovation is its pricing. Most people go for cheap cleaning services to lower their cost but sometimes they have to regret for their choice as they may not give quality of work as desired by them. In fact one cannot afford any kind of damage or distortion in the renovated parts of the home as renovation is not inexpensive. So while hiring post-renovation service you must also focus on the ability of the service provider instead of his price only.

Sign a written contract: Sometimes home owners in Singapore ignore to sign a written contract with the post-renovation service for cleaning their house after completion of renovations. It is not a right tendency as they may have to bear its cost in case any dispute rises during or after completing the cleaning job. You must sign a written contract with cleaning service provider even if he is known and very close to you. The team of the service provider can make any kind of loss to your precious items not traceable in the messy house after renovations. In such condition the liability of the loss will legally be owned by the contractor only if a written agreement is signed with him. While signing the written agreement or contract you should include all the terms and conditions including damages, doing work and payment in it. It should also include the terms of refund if the contractor fails to complete the job as per the agreement.

Book the cleaning company in advance: Most people in Singapore or at any other place usually avoid to book post-renovation service, to clean their house after renovation, in advance. This irresponsible attitude usually costs them higher as sometimes cleaning services are not be available at reasonable cost when required. It is better to book these services in advance even if you are their regular customer as they can be engaged at some other project when you need them. In such condition you may not be able to live in your house, without cleaning it, even after spending a lot on its renovations. So you should book a cleaning service even before you start renovating your house to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Thus you can choose a right post-renovation service in Singapore after following the tips provided in this write-up. You cannot give an outstanding look to your house, even after spending lavishly on its renovations, if you have missed to find a reliable cleaning service for cleaning it after the completion of renovations. Any mistake in this regard will compel you to regret on your hasty decision for hiring an unreliable and inexperienced post-renovation cleaning service. So to get expected results you should not make any mistake in following these tips.