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Move Out Cleaning

Before choosing a move out cleaning Service Company, it is worth to consider a number of factors in order to avoid engaging the wrong people. The following are six mistakes to avoid when hiring a move out cleaning service company in Singapore:-

Cheaper cleaning service company
This is the number one mistake that many people make when deciding on a move out cleaning Service Company. Many will prefer to go for those who offer the services at low prices not considering the quality of service. Considering on the economy in Singapore, many people would like to save on what they incur in terms of cleaning. As a result many will opt for those offering the services at low prices. Low prices have the following implications: It is a way of attracting clients by these companies thus receiving calls from customers; low prices are offered by individuals not companies.

Individuals in most cases do not have insurance and this could be a danger if damages occur in the process of cleaning. A low price is also an indication that the supplies, equipment and chemicals that will be used in cleaning will be of low quality hence not getting the quality service paid for. This at the end of the day will be expensive than thought as you may end up using more money restoring your home after damages are caused by a cleaning company. Remember, “Cheap is expensive.” Before hiring a move out cleaning company, ask yourself a question, why are they that cheap?

Hiring through phone calls
Making a phone call to engage a company that will do cleaning for you is not bad but it should not be final. Many people in Singapore end up getting poor cleaning service companies because they did not engage well before deciding on the company. It is recommended that you invite an individual/professional from the company that you want to engage to your home. This will help in evaluating the situation as it is and this will help the professional cleaner in deciding what to do depending on how the home is. Avoid making all the decisions over the phone as all homes are not the same. There are diversities from one home to the other.

References are not bad as you gather information in regard of a company that you want to contract for cleaning your home. This can be done through friends, family members, colleagues and even neighbours. However, it is worth to note that there are some who are not genuine and may not be offering quality. Some may refer service companies to you in a bid to conning you. On the other hand some of the service companies may not be offering up to your requirements. As much as you may be referred, be alert and attentive to avoid entering into contracts with companies who will offer terrible services for the whole contractual period.

Offering a contract without clear or proper terms
It is one of the greatest mistakes that many people make in Singapore when drawing contracts with cleaning companies. It is important to note that many cleaning companies will earnestly perform the tasks that are assigned to them at the beginning of the contract. However, along the way if you decide to give them some other tasks which were not in the original agreement, they will do it but it will be billed to you. That is why it is important to ensure that your terms are very clear at the beginning of your contract as this is likely to save you some extra costs which you will have to incur. All this can be avoided by doing your homework properly, asses your home or the areas that will be cleaned by the company to avoid bringing in new changes to the contract. This will by far help you in saving time and money. On the other hand you may get quotations from a number of cleaning companies in order to decide the one that you want to engage.

Move out cleaning service companies not recognized and registered
Cleaning company services in Singapore are all regulated. However, there are those ones which operate behind the curtains and they are not registered or they are not recognized. Many people have fallen prey to this in that they engage the services of companies which are not recognized in respect with the work that they do. For those service companies that do a good job, they are recognized. Home owners may want to avoid them because they think that they are expensive. It is therefore imperative that before deciding on the company that you want to draw a contact with, it is registered and recognized by local bodes which regulate their operation. Even if there is a problem or a disagreement, you will be able to institute legal proceedings against them unlike unrecognized companies. If a recognized company offers poor service, they can be held liable and responsible unlike if you engage those that are not recognized by local bodies.

Fact verification
Before making a decision on the cleaning service company that you want to deal with, it is important to verify all the facts in respect to the company. It is important that you go through a number of documents related to that company for example the kind of work that they have done previously and how the clients rated them. Many people do not have time for this and they end up regretting why they hired a particular company for cleaning. Go through a number of their documents as this will go a long way in reaching a company of your choice for your cleaning services. Go through their professional experience certificates as this will be a guide on deciding the company to do the cleaning for you. Experience certificates must be offered by recognized association as some companies may get bogus documents to lie to unsuspecting customers. Ensure that the certificates are authentic as this will be a guarantee in getting best cleaning services. Do not get tired in fact verification as this will be a plus/advantageous for you in the future.