Thursday, 17 March 2016

Can Roller Blinds Be Steam Cleaned?

Can roller blinds be steam cleaned? Many Singaporeans have roller blinds in their homes or perhaps offices. They are meaningful and you cannot afford staying without them. However these blinds can be a haven for dirt and microorganisms. If not properly cleaned, blinds can pile a lot of dirt. Blinds can be hazardous and can lead to health complications. This means that it is always vital to maintain your blinds in a sparklingly clean condition. There are several ways of cleaning blinds but not all cleaning methods are appropriate with your blinds. There are those that can only be cleaned with a damp cloth or a rag while others require advanced cleaning such as steam cleaning. Steam clean is the best method since it can completely remove all the dust and microorganisms that can cause health complications. This means that it is definitely true that roller blinds can be cleaned through steam cleaning. However it is important to note that cleaning is not only using a steam machine but the best way is to stick to the required procedures so as to satisfy your home needs and that of your office.

Consider the material used to make your blinds
Different blinds are made using different types of fabrics thus it is always important to consider this before you embark on your steam cleaning of blinds. Others do not get saturated meaning that steam is the only option available. Others can easily tear thus it is vital to consider using steam cleaning method. Those that cannot be cleaned with steam means that other appropriate methods must be used. It is always wise to look at the labels at your blinds to ensure that you use the appropriate method to do a thorough cleaning. It is good to stick to the stipulated requirements to ensure that you maintain the colour and make of your roller blinds. If this does not work then it is good to consult a professional.

Frequency of cleaning
The intervals at which you clean your blinds also play a crucial role in determining the best cleaning method. If you normally take long before cleaning your blinds then it is good to use steam cleaning because of the heavy heap of dirt and dust that have accumulated in your blinds. However, if you have been cleaning your blinds regularly then it is good to wipe away dust with a damp cloth or a piece of rag. This however should be alternated with steam cleaning so as to kill germs and microorganisms that may cause infections and allergies.

The steam cleaning equipment used
It is imperative to use a machine of cleaning equipment that supports attachments so as to help in completely eliminating all the dirt and dust from your blinds. However, the prime factor is to ensure that you are using modern world class equipment that is compatible with your blinds. You also note that such equipment should not worsen the state of your blinds or even wear the fabric out. Go for the best equipment that will perhaps satisfy your needs. If you decide to let the expert do the job for you, then you should go for a company with good cleaning reputation.

The cost of steam cleaning
It is prudent to consider the cost that you are likely to incur while cleaning your blinds. If the cost for hiring a steam cleaning company is too high, then it is better to do it yourself so long as you follow the stipulated procedures. This will help you to save some extra cash that can be used to run other errands or even your businesses. The cost of steam cleaning should match with the condition and the services rendered by the cleaning company in Singapore. Don’t go for a company that offers low quality services at high prices.

How do you steam clean your roller blinds?

This is also another disturbing question that most Singaporeans are struggling to answer. In fact steam cleaning is not hectic but it is good to always consult a professional because it can be risky and can cause burns. There are certain specific procedures that should be observed. The following are some of the ways of doing your steam cleaning:

1.Fill your steam cleaner with water. This should be clean water or even distilled water in most cases is highly recommended for the perfect cleaning of your blinds. It is good to use a funnel to fill in water so as to avoid spillage that may compromise with the efficiency of your steam cleaner.

2.If your cleaner supports an attachment, then it is wise to use it but if it does not, then there is no need to worry. It is wise to use an attachment that does not interfere or tear away the fabric of your blinds. You can then wait for some time for the steam to form. Once the steam has formed, it is good to stand facing away from the direction of the steam and begin cleaning your blinds thoroughly in all the parts .Hidden sides should be cleaned well to ensure that all the dirt is removed as much as possible.

3.After cleaning, it is also good to clean your steam cleaner and store it well. If cleaning seem complicated to you, then it is better to consult a professional or hire an expert who can assist you in your cleaning of blinds. Remember that you should always take precaution to avoid unnecessary burns and also prevent damages that may leave the fabric of your roller blinds in a pathetic situation. When all these are put into consideration, then you are sure of avoiding infections and embarrassment of staying with dirty blinds that may lead to infections.