Saturday, 9 July 2016

Does Carpet Shampooing Damage New Carpet?

Do you have a dull, dirty carpet right in the middle of your living room? Are you scared of even touching it because you think it might damage the look and feel of your cozy carpet? Well, have no fear as this article can brighten up your day and solve one or two queries you might have about carpet shampooing, all the related relevant questions- the how and why, the do’s and donts’ and much more that might help you save your dying carpet.

Even if you can not see the stains on your carpet, it still needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. And carpet shampooing is one of the many ways by which you can clean your dirty floor carpet. While some say that it can be challenging, others say that it might be the most effective of all methods. Knowing how to shampoo your carpet and rugs properly will help you to keep them as clean as possible for a long time.

What is carpet shampooing?

Carpet Shampooing, as the name suggests is a method of cleaning carpets using a carpet shampoo, vacuum cleaner and a gadget called carpet shampooer. By carpet shampooer, people usually mean a carpet steam cleaning machine that uses a combination of cleaning shampoo with hot water for taking out the dirt from the carpet.

Knowing the right carpet shampoo:
- Carpet shampoos are available commonly in two forms:
- Dry-powder carpet cleaner shampoo
- Liquid carpet cleaner shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo type to cleanse your carpet is totally your call. While choosing the suitable shampoo, you must take into consideration, the carpet’s design, type, fabric etc. For example, if yours is a coloured carpet, it is safe to use a shampoo that doesn't bleach the carpet. Also there are carpet-cleansing shampoos designed specifically to suit multiple needs:

- To fight allergens if you or anyone in your family is extremely allergic to pollutants or are, in worst case scenario asthmatic

- To defeat pet odors if you've a shedding cat or a dog who completely adores the comfort of your carpet. Shampoos that offer in-depth clean especially if your home is located in the city or in high traffic areas

How to do Carpet Shampooing?

Carpet shampooing can be easily done at the comfort of your own home as it is a single person job and requires only light-weight machinery to get the job done.

Follow these simple steps:
- First keep your dirty carpet ready for cleansing.
-Buy or rent carpet a cleaning machine from the nearby hardware store. Also buy the appropriate cleansing shampoo that best fits your carpet’s needs.
- Prepare the machine by filling in adequate amount of water and shampoo in the tank.
- Be careful to follow the instructions as adding too much water or too much shampoo can ruin this process as well as the durability of your lovely carpet.
- Begin walking with the machine from one corner of the carpet slowly as the rotatory brushes of the machine sweeps into the carpet allowing the shampoo to get in between the fibres to draw out dirt.
- The machine nozzle then sucks the dirty shampoo-water lather back into waste water tank. .
- Rinse your carpets well to make it free from the lather and vacuum all the water.
- Walk over the carpet at least two to three times for the rotating brushes of the steam cleanser to imbibe more dirt and water from the carpet.
- Dry the carpet. It's very much important to make sure that there is no amount of shampoo left on the carpet.

Voila! Your carpet is clean, dry and as good as new.

Why Carpet Shampooing?

Carpet Shampooing is marked as the easiest and safest method amongst all other carpet cleansing techniques.

- It is fast, easy to perform and comparatively cost-effective than all other carpet cleansing techniques.
- It ensures that the carpet is flawlessly cleaned.
- It keeps the expensive carpet in very good shape by causing minimum or zero fibre damage.
- Carpet Shampooing guarantees of killing all the bacteria and pollutants hidden between the fibres of your carpet impeccably.
- It keeps your carpet looking spotless and brand new in appearance.

If done correctly, carpet shampooing can keep your carpet dust-free for a long time.

There are varieties of carpet cleansing shampoos to choose from based on your carpet’s sole needs.

- Carpet Shampooing can prevent growth of mould.
- Carpet shampooing technique is marked as 100 % children and pet friendly.

Choosing the correct shampoo based on your carpet type is very essential as there are chances that the wrong shampoo can deeply damage your carpet.

- Over wetting the carpet can bring you unhappy results.
- While using a liquid carpet shampoo, make sure to rinse well and get rid of all the shampoo from the carpet as shampoo left overs will only attract more dirt.
- Make sure you dry the carpet well as wet carpet can invite the growth and prolifiration of mildew.

Also, if you've a larger carpet and wish to shampoo the carpet, it is highly advisable to seek the service of a carpet cleansing company as a larger carpet might appear quite hefty once you apply the shampoo.

The Bottom line:

Many people fall into these myths about the harmful side of carpet cleaning and restraints from cleaning their carpets forever. But truth be told, you must clean your carpet at least once in every 18 months. After all, if you want your carpets to look good then you need to keep them clean.

When it comes to carpet shampooing, you might want to choose the best shampoo for the carpet and make sure that the carpet cleaner machine you own or hire is of high quality. It is not the technique but little things like how much care you put in when it comes to picking up the right carpet cleansing shampoo, or how much water or shampoo you add to the machine or how effective your rinsing and drying technique is that keeps your comfy carpet steer clear of damage.