Sunday, 7 January 2018

House Spring Cleaning Tips and Maintenance of Bedroom

Keeping your room clean and organized can take a lot of effort. People who are busy with school or work may not have enough time to keep their rooms immaculate and clean. Fortunately, there are some stuff you can do to keep your room in good condition.

Eliminate things that you no longer use
You can have more space inside your room if you can take out some of your old stuff. No doubt, he has some of his school stuff or the last few years that he has not been using for a long time. Also look inside your closet. If you have clothes that you have not worn for a year, you probably no longer have the opportunity to use them.

Most people also like to store books inside the room. Find another room in your house where you can place these books. You can keep them displayed or you can place them inside boxes.
You can collect all these items and throw them away or donate them to charities. Or if there are some that are too important for you to throw away, you can consider saving them in your garage.

Organize your room in an orderly manner
Everything in your room must have a suitable place and configuration. Use your closet for your clothes and other personal belongings. Keep your books in the drawers or the place assigned to you. Organize your collection of CDs or comics neatly and store them separately in the corner or somewhere else where they do not make your room look messy.

Do a regular cleaning
If you are afraid of the amount of work you need to do when you have to clean your room, just think that you will only have to face it once. Then, you should make an effort to clean your room at regular intervals with short intervals in between. If you can do a regular cleaning, you will only need to work on some things. Every week, this task will not take more than 30 minutes to complete.

You can sweep quickly with a broom. Or you can do a deeper cleaning with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to cover hard-to-reach areas, such as the corners of the room.

Look under the bed

You should also look under your bed. When you have a platform, you must go under it to clean it and remove the dust. Sometimes, you may have stored something under your bed. These things may be accumulating dust. You have to take them out and place them somewhere else if you want to have an organized bedroom.

Avoid accidents
When you enter your room, you must be able to reach the other end without encountering obstacles in the shape of your bed or other furniture. You should make sure there is enough space to avoid accidents while walking into your room in the middle of the night.
Leave space to store specific things inside your bedroom. You have to put them back in their original positions to make sure your room stays organized.

How to design the perfect bedroom

Whether you've just moved out or redecorated, your room can not be forgotten. It is your personal space where you spend time relaxing and must reflect your personality.

First, you must plan the color scheme of your room; The safest option is to go for neutral compensation and brighten it up with colorful and lively bedroom accessories. Clean lines and neutral background tones juxtaposed with eclectic and bright accessories will enhance the neutral offset.

Ideally, you want a relaxing atmosphere at night and then a light and airy feeling when you wake up in the morning. The best way to achieve these contrasting moods is choosing the right lighting: you can use a dimmer to create a quiet and dimly lit at night, and in the morning you can let natural light seep through your window choosing lightly colored curtains. For dark mornings, you can use a bedside lamp that creates the illusion of daylight.

Since your bedroom is your place to relax, you will want it to be free of obstacles and, therefore, you will have to think about the design of your room and storage space. Storage is key to creating space, use baskets, racks, and dividers as they can be moved easily if necessary. Also, make use of the storage space under your bed, you can buy plastic boxes to store items under your bed that you do not use too often. Built-in wardrobes hide hidden storage and multifunctional furniture maximizes space.

Try to choose furniture that is light and easy to maneuver and then you can move it if you want a change. Place your furniture in the corners and make sure you have enough space and space to move freely. Try to avoid placing the furniture in front of a window, since the room will look smaller and may prevent the entry of natural light into your room. If you are not sure where to place your furniture to create as much space as possible, you can use special bedroom design software to plan your new room and make sure you get as much free space as possible.

Your bed will be the focal point of your room and probably occupies more space, make sure your bed is not too big for your room, as it will leave you with little space for anything else. To make your bed look elegant, invest in original bedding and a striking headboard. Mix different fabrics in your bed, one type of headboard, one type for your clothes and another for the cushions.

If you want a carpet or hardwood floors, it is your personal preference, and each one has its benefits. The wooden floors are easy to keep clean and can be enlivened with elegant and stylish carpets. On the other hand, the carpet gives you a homely feel and is gentle with your rate. However, it has to be caught, and it can often be difficult to stay clean.