Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Tips To Make Your Wardrobe Dust-free

Do you want to keep your wardrobe dust free? Do you know what you need to do to get started? Well, in this article, you will find all the ideas that will keep your wardrobe dust free. These are small in size particles, and it's somewhat impossible to control.  It justifies the phrase that prevention is better than cure.

It is wiser for people to make arrangements in such a way that there is no accumulation of dust rather than allowing the dust to settle in and then going about the substantial process of cleaning. For those who like to have large windows for good air circulation, dust might be a possibility along with the air.

Dusting seems like a simple concept: take a cloth or feather duster and wipe it over surfaces that have collected dust. Viola! You have a dust-free house. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Sometimes when you dust, all you are doing is moving the dust around. At times, the act of dusting is just getting the dust particles into the air where they can wreak havoc with your allergies.

Well, we all can't avoid dust in our home, but how to keep dust away from wardrobe is our major concern. Below are techniques to have a dust free house.

Capture Dust
Microfiber or electrostatic cloths trap dust. If you've been using feather dusters or old rags to dust, chances are you're just moving the dust around. Microfiber cloths are dust magnets and will trap dust even when used dry. You can use them damp or dry, and another nice feature is they will clean and polish mirrors and faucets without needing any cleaning solution. You can also get microfiber dusters in different sizes and lengths for reaching places like ceiling fans and in-between Venetian blinds places where dust loves to collect.


The simplest thing that one can do is to decorate the house with things that do not catch dust and other particles easily. One such ingredient in the house that is prone to dust settlement is a small ornament. The more ornaments in the houses, the more you will have cleaning to worry about. Taking care of these objects is a very time-consuming job and so much time goes missing from routine cleaning due to this.

If you have a lot of wood surfaces, a dry mop with microfiber will get rid of dust. A quick dry mop each day will prevent dust from building up and traveling all over the house. A damp mop will do the same on other surfaces, like tile or vinyl. Mopping is a very effective way to reduce the overall dust activity around the house.

Check your carpet
If your house has carpets all around, then the chance of dust sticking in the carpet fibers and hairs is very high. Removing these dust particles is not only a headache for you, but also for the maid service providers. Additionally, steam cleaning these will incur further expenditure. Using hard wooden floors and tiles is, therefore, more economical as they last longer than carpets on the floor.

A vacuum filter will trap more dust. As to whether you should vacuum before you dust or after, there's no right answer. Personally, I vacuum last, as whatever dust I have stirred up during dusting will have settled on the floor, where I can then get rid of it.

Reconsider Your Fabrics
Fabrics trap dust and leave it behind as they shed. Choose short pile carpets, or keep floors bare and use rugs than you can wash. Store your off-season clothes in bins or hanging plastic bags. Vacuum your fabric furniture often, and consider using pillowcases that keep dust mites out. Other fabrics, like leather, don't trap dust and can be easily wiped down with a cloth.

Clean The Air

The use of air purifiers in the houses is increasing as one of the common methods of treatment for dust entry. They cut down on the dust particles that enter along with air. The floors and walls should be as smooth as possible. Wall paints come out in different forms which provide a smooth coating on the wall surface. It doesn't let particles get deposited. In any case, if dust is found such paints allow smooth removal of the dust by a simple wiping action. Similarly, the floors should have tiles and hardwood so that the dust does not remain off in the crevices.

Use an air filter or purifier to get rid of dust that is floating in the air, looking for a place to settle. It will cut down on the amount of dusting you will have to do on a daily basis.

Keep fabrics
Keeping fabrics like upholstery is also to be kept to a minimum. The use of dehumidifiers is a great help in removing humidity from the air, as the presence of humidity collects a lot of dust. The mattresses should be regularly changed and cleaned, especially if children are sleeping on them. Pets are another worry for people under the list of things to be kept clean. So many things are to be noted if you want to be free from dust and keep the house clean. You can do it all by yourself or ask a competent cleaning agency to take care of such things.

Ask the Expert
If you want to have perfect cleaning of the home, then you should ask the cleaning agencies to vacuum the house during the carrying out of the cleaning services. You should have a good quality vacuum cleaner in your home.

The battle against dust is ongoing, but there are things we can do to give ourselves an edge in the fight! While we'll never be truly dust-free, these tips will help you keep dust to a minimum and your house looking clean and beautiful for longer.